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Bwitchs Belly Dance Festival


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Bwitchs International Bellydance Fusion Festival is aimed to celebrating art of fusion bellydance.


Leena Viie presents the 2nd Edition Bwitchs - International Bellydance Fusion Festival

This year the Festival is even more ambitious! There are the finest teachers on board – Masters of bellydance and Fusion Bellydance from around the globe. Apart from that,  fresh new themes, concepts aimed to unite the community to take this dance to the next level.
In store is the Flash Mob again but this time will be inclusive of women whose life circumstances prevented them from a direct opportunity to consider bellydance - Acid victims, Street children and HIV patients. We shall also have a panel discussion with our Guest Teachers to touch upon the festival theme of Women Empowerment.


1. Morning Yoga with Colleena Shakti
VinyasaKrama Yoga, the dance of BREATH.  Cultivate body awareness through the  fluid graceful movements of Vinyasa Karma Yoga.  This class is suited for all levels of experience, including beginners.  

2. Patterns in Space (Open)
Focus on creating choreography rather than drill style movements for performance by experimenting different ways to use your body in space.  Group formations, trajectory embellishment of common belly dance movements, negative space in postures and movements, use of stage and much more.  Some dance experience is helpful since we will quickly learn a fusion belly dance phrase and move on to studying ways which we can manipulate the common format of belly dance to produce a stronger visual impact for our audience.

3. Indian Fusion Belly Dance (Int)
Inspired by the elegance and poise of Lucknow court dancers, enjoy building this choreographed dance phrase resplendent with earthy belly dance movement and Indian classical touches.  The class will begin with a short warm up, then drill some techniques used in the choreography such as spins, mudra, isolation patterns, and finally develop a dance phrase full of personality and detail.

4. Arabic Architecture (Int)
Break down and drill a fun, fast Egyptian inspired, but Tribal Fusion rooted dance phrase.  Class will begin with a vigorous Pilates based workout / warm up targeting key belly dance muscles.  Various unique movements will be broken down and drilled, while finally building into a choreographed phrase.

5. The Intangible Techniques of Dance and Stage Craft (1.5 Hr Theory Lecture class)
Stage Presence and just the right amount of confidence, communicating the   message of your art clearly, touching people’s hearts and experiencing beauty! The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm, understand how self-inquiry and self-knowledge actually helps the performer to “fill the stage space” with their presence.           
Join   Colleena for a 1.5 hour lecture class on all those important topics beyond dance  technique itself which is essential for every dancer to grow.  Please bring a notebook and an open mind.

1. OOOEY- GOOEY Classic Cabaret Combos (Open)
Luscious combinations that express the earthy, powerful, beauty of Cabaret Belly Dance. We’ll focus on accessing the muscles of the body to create strong and seamless internally initiated movements. These moves will them be combined with direction shifts, weight changes, statuesque posture and wrist/hand/arm embellishments to create ooooooeey-gooooey combos that showcase the sensuous essence of Cabaret Belly Dance.

2. Cabaret Flow Fusion Choreo(Open)
This unique, fun and challenging choreography is rooted in the gorgeous feminine expression of American Cabaret style belly dance with fusions of Classical Indian, African, and Western Modern dance esthetics. It combines up tempo shimmy variations and layers, beautiful flowing movements, lovely lines, and solid isolations. This original choreography moves between soft and sensual, fast and furious, poised and perfect to strong and sharp. Learning this dynamic choreography will provide a wonderful way to work on innovative techniques, transitions, and musicality.

1. Passionate Oriental tango Bellydance(Int/Adv)
Technique & choreography
Nika’s Tango Bellydance Fusion piece won her a World Championship title
She will usher you into a dramatic choreography - a cocktail of sensual Oriental Dance movements and passionate Argentinian Tango Styling spiced with Modern Dance Movements.  The focus will be on theatrical style and embellishment with these two dance forms blending them together seamlessly to create a pairing of beauty, sensuality and intensity.

2.    Hip hop fusion Bellydance(Int/Adv)
Technique & choreography
Nika has had a strong background in hip hop and modern dance and she will show you how these two can blend to create a strong, impactful choreography. Hip vocabulary such as pop, locks, waves etc will be taught and fused with dramatic, soft moves from bellydance!

3.    Modern RaqsSharki Choreography (Int/Adv)
Technique & choreography
Nika will use modern bellydance movements but with the aim of creating surprise and drama by interpreting music differently, infusing new moves and add new dynamics so as to create a dazzling, magical, elegant movements and fresh hot combos to perfectly control our body. The focus will mostly be on feelings, spins, perfecting the technique, the fluidity of movements to improve your own choreographies and combos.

4. Divine tribal fusion choreography (Int/Adv)
Technique & choreography
Taking tribal fusion technique along a new pathway, a new trajectory Nika shows you how to play between opposing roles: the soft, yin and relaxing and the dramatic, assertive and bold.
Justaxposing opposing moods and themes creates a sense of play within the dance and leaves food for thought.

1. Show Tabla with a cane (Int)
Technique and Choreography
This workshop brings a new twist toperforming  drum solo on stage. Learn how the folkloric cane cancheekily come together with hip and chest moves, body isolations and juicy bellydance combinations!
Take your drum solo performance to the next level with drama, confidence and creativity. Surprise your audience with scintillating new skills and they sure will be blown away!

2. Innocent and Sensuous Khaleegy (open)
Technique & choreography.
“Khaleegy” is used to describe folkloric dances from the Persian Gulf region (Khaleej in Arabic). There are versions performed in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. and Saudi Arabia. Typically the rhythms are catchy and pull you in, the dance steps are mostly simple and easy to learn and there’s a unique joy and relaxation in the dance.
Often Oriental songs have Khaleegy sections in them and its important to be able to recognize and switch to appropriate dance vocabulary more reflective of the authentic Khaleegystyle.The dance is danced by both men and women and in this workshop Nadia will demonstrate and teach you a very feminine version of this dance using sensual and delicate movements withInteresting hair and floor work. 
Please bring galabeya or a long skirt for this workshop.

3. “Vampire Girl". Fantasy Fusion Bellydance(int)
Technique & choreography
The Queen of Fantasy Fusion Bellydance, Nadia will take into the world of the Vampire.
A Glamourous, scintillating creature will appear on stage in all her magic, aura and dark beauty!
Enigmatic, powerful she will have your entire attention with her strong, deep movements to express her  personality.
Upper and lower body isolations, flexibility and arms work will be used to create this persona
Acting skills will also be drilled to make your dance complete and exciting to watch.
Imagine yourself as a Vampire of the of the night who casts a spell on the audience and makes themfollow her story!

4. KhatarnakNagin: Cobra Snake dance. Fantasy Fusion Bellydance(Int/adv)
Technique & choreography
Imagine you morphed into a snake - hypnotising and dangerous. You belong to the jungle where only the courageous dare to step in.
Explore your bellydance from this standpoint and take your imagination and dance to a new, exciting world.
Strong arms and body isolations with specific emphasis on snaky, undulating movements will be taught. The powerful music chosen for this will help you feel the character and enjoy your dance.

1. Oriental Dramatic (Int/Adv)
Technique & Choreography
Students will bring the dramatic effects of intent, emphasis and hesitation through simple and complex combinations of articulate movements, facial expression, levels, hair tosses, spins, posses and much more to make their combinations the most valuable, strong and expressive part of their dance while mastering essential nuances that give character and meaning to their performance. Acting exercise will be including in this workshop

2. Street Shaabi(Open)
Technique and Choreography
Shaabi is originated in Cairo in the 1970s, as a new form of urban music expressing the difficulties and frustrations of modern Egyptian life. In this workshop we will discuss a brief introduction of this new style of dance, along with such a useful vocabulary and steps movements. It will be a fun class where you will be add your sassy, playful and juicy side, adding part of your personality to make you enjoy from the beginning to the end.


1. Tarab: Interpretation and Understanding
Tarab is not a dance style – its that epic moment of a feeling derived from hearing music whether it instrumental or voice or both together expressing either joy, pain sorrow or any other intense emotion. The deep feeling and emotion the listener or dancer experiences from the musical experience iscalled Tarab.
Meher’s recent works - Ore Piya, BahonKeDharmiyan, PehlaPehlapyarhai have been exploring Tarab i.e. expressing the shades of love depicted in a song through movement.
The concept of Tarab will to applied to an Indian song while usingEgyptian technique.

1. Shimmy Layering
Shimmies are an essential part of bellydancing and all bellydancers are aware of this.
In this class we will be doing lot of drills in Egyptian as well as Tribal with multiple technique layering. The idea is to push ourselves to next level and achieve your own personal comfort zone while you shimmy.


1. Zillathon - Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing with Zills(Int/Adv)
This workshop would introduce the participants to some basic Zill patterns and we would execute these patterns in an interesting and super fun Tribalina style choreography.
Intricate muscular isolation's, layering patterns, footwork and Tribalina's techniques with the flavor of finger cymbals !!
Yes it would seem like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. But what better than challenging yourself to the next level!!

2. Ground Zero - Introduction to Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing (Open)
Want to know what Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing is all about?? This is the place to be.
History, Lineage, Evolution, Similarities and Differences, Posturing, Basic Techniques, sub genres, Tribalina's format!

1. Pop fusion drum solo (Open)
A fun and flamboyant fusion drum solo choreography with new drum solo equations.
Let your hair loose and use every inch of your body to syncopate with the darabouka beats. Prepare your shimmies and accents in advance since this one's gonna be a grueling layering combination.

2. Tahiti(an) fusion: Bellynesian (Open)
The national dance of Tahiti or the Polynesian Islands is the Hula dance or is also called the Polynesian dance. There are significant similarities between the hula dance and belly dance. We will study the techniques of the hula dance with comparisons to Belly dance and learn a unique choreography to show off these techniques.

1. Indian Classical Approach to Belly Dancing (Open)
This is an introduction to simple mudras and body postures of Bharatnatyam and Kathak fused with the movement of Belly Dancing. This workshop is well received, especially by the international audience. The celebrated piece ‘Devi’ by Deepthi is an interpretation of this style.
She believes in expressing a narrative through each of the pieces she creates

2. Lyrical Contemporary Approach to Bellydancing (Open)
Deepthis believes in telling a story through each of the pieces she creates
In this module Deepthi has integrated contemporary techniques such as Release and Flow
with Belly Dancing techniques to create a fresh new movement vocabulary and express a narrative.
There is introduction of Lyrical Choreography and Floor work in this module.
Deepthis award winning solo ‘My Day, My Way’ is based on this fusion.

1. Double Veils (Open)
Veil is a beautiful prop which can be used in Oriental Dance for powerful or soft and graceful
entrances, exit, within a taqsim and for many other moments of a piece and unique concepts. Veils can be used and complement not only Oriental dance, but varied fusions of the art and even other authentic dance style bringing more flow and grace into the dance.
Interpreting the melody of a song with this feminine and ever flowingly prop moving through space double veils has even more to offer then single veil, entering, dancing within, using one and then the other, using both. beautiful unique combinations of movements can be done, showing, enhancing, framing one part of the body, etc.
This Workshop will Help you Learn how to Properly Hold, Use and Move Through Space using 1 & 2 Veils,  Slow Down rather then being on the Beat, Floating within and using the Entire Beat. Learn Great Double Veils Tricks and Combinations of Multiple Beautiful Double Veil Movements to Add and Incorporate in your Performances.

2. Drum Solo (Int/Adv)
Essa’s favorites and one of her greatest strength!
To give the gist to a drum solo and the musician playing your piece, one requires great understanding of rhythms, strong musicaility senses and a high level of technique. 
To make a drum solo interesting and varied it must include some sharp and highly technical movements and combinations of accents, body part linking sequences and powerful challenging shimmy combinations.
All bellydancers have or should have at least one drum solo in their repertoire! As everyone loves to watch drum solos, yours should always add a hint of your own creativity and bring something unique, new and fresh everytime!
Through this workshop you will learn some of the most important rhythms found in drum solos and oriental dance, how to best interpret them with your body movements and gestures, which movements complements best those rhythms: smooth juicy movements versus sharp strong and defined ones, shimmies, etc.  and learn interesting combinations candied to the eye which will leave your audience in awe and wanting more!

1. Flamenco Bellydance Fusion with Veil (Open)
Technique and Choreography
Experience the fiery Flamenco with the softness of bellydance.
In this workshop we will delve into details of Flamenco posture, arm styling, floreos together with innovative skirt work and veil work. 
The choreography is to a is a well knownHossamRamzy song. Additional tips on using skirts and also manton/veils in Flamenco which can enhance any flamenco-belly fusion will be included.
Leena has been fascinated with Flamenco and has studied Flamenco with Masters such as Silvia Salamanca (US), Dalia Carella (US), Gadea San Roman (Madrid)
Bring Veils and a Large flared skirt

2. Burlesque Bellydance Fusion(Open)
Unleash your inner showgirl seductress with panache.
In this class you will learn a bit of the rich history of Burlesque and it’s most legendary, glamorous stars. You will learn showgirl walks, turns, cute hip and torso accents, vintage-style tease mechanics spiced with Jazz and modern dance moves to combine them into a choreography to a  heady remix song where Christine Aguilera’s strong voice meets her equal - the Oriental darbuka!
Bring a feather boa (or a veil to use as a boa) . Please dress as you would for any dance class!
Leena studied with Princess Farhana in New York (Princess Farhana is not only a well known belly dancer, but for over a decade was one of the stars of America’s first and most well-known neo-burlesque troupe)
After having performed in Burlesque shows in New York, Boston and India Leena is ready with hot steamy tips to ensure you sizzle on stage!

1. Indian Folk Bellydance Fusion    
Pia will teach you the folkloric dance of Interior Maharashtra and blend it with Bellydance.
In this workshop the students will be taught a short choreography wherein Middle eastern and Marathi folk moves will be fused to the enchanting beats of Ghungroo, Dholaki, Dhol and Daf

2. Make up tricks    
Learn the basics of stage makeup and pick up new tricks!
We will cover product knowledge, what brushes to use for what product, how to contour and conceal, learn the vast differences between street/everyday makeup and stage makeup.
Pump up your look and enjoy your stage presence.

1. Belly Jam (Open)   
The workshop is designed to combine the mind boggling moves of Bellydance with experimental music tracks from EDM, Dubstep, Pop Reggae etc. It is interactive and exotically blends the party culture of Goa with the art of Bellydance! Ready to Jam??


Bwitchs was the  first of its kind at 3 levels
- First Bellydance Festival in Bombay
- First International Bellydance Fusion Festival
- Marrying Art and Activism
    The event was slated for Women’s Day in a bid to teach bellydance against a backdrop of conversations and activities around pro-feminism, trust, and power dynamics.

The March 2015 Festival saw 12 Master International and National Teachers presenting the most varied of bellydance fusions:Burlesque Belly Fusion
Hula Hoop Belly Fusion , Thai Odissi Belly Fusion, Kathak Belly Fusion, Sacred Temple Bellydance Fusion, Flamenco Tribal Fusion Bellydance 

Bwitchs 2015 also saw the World’s First Bellydance Flash Mob to held under the One Billion Rising Movement which was held on Women’s Day (March 8th)


  • Belly dancing festival
  • Dance workshops
  • Theory & training
  • Best bellydancers in the world




Tito's Lane, Baga
Bardez, Goa



088791 38187


FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2016
10:15 - 11:45

Room 1 Meher Malik - Tarab: Interpretation and understanding (Open)
Room 2 Essa Duahine - Double Veils (Open)
11:45 - 13:15
Room 1 Payal Gupta - Pop fusion Drum Solo (Open)
Room 2 Bindu Bolar - Zillathon: Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing with Zills (Intermediate/advanced)
14:00 - 15:30
Room 1 Deepthi Shetty - Indian Classical Approach to Belly Dancing (Open)
Room 2 Leena Viie - Burlesque Bellydance Fusion (Open)
15:30 - 18:30
Room 1 Muquabala competition
Room 2 Tech Rehearsals
20:00 onwards @ NAZRI RESORT, Baga
Opening Circle led by Colleena Shakti (supported by Sedona & Leena)

08:00 - 10:00

Room 1 Nadia Nikishenko - Show Tabla with a cane (Intermediate)
Room 2 Sedona Soulfire - Cabaret Flow Fusion (Open)
10:00 - 12:00
Room 1 Colleena Shakti - Indian Fusion BellyDance (Intermediate)
Room 2 Nika Mlakar - Divine tribal fusion choreography (Intermediate/Advanced)
13:00 - 15:00
Room 1 Nadia Nikishenko - Khatarnak Nagin: Cobra snake dance (Intermediate/Advanced)
Room 2 Natalie Nazaro - Street Shaabi (Open)
13:00 - 15:00
Room 1 Colleena Shakti - Patterns in Space (Open)
Room 2 Nika Mlakar - Passionate Oriental Tango Bellydance (Intermediate/Advanced)
19:00 onwards
(Grand Gala Night with the stars)

SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2016
07:00 - 08:00
Yoga with Colleena Shakti
09:00 - 11:00

Room 1 Colleena Shakti - Arabic Architecture (Intermediate)
Room 2 Nadia Nikishenko - 'Vampire Girl' Fantasy Fusion Bellydancing (Intermediate)
11:00 - 13:00
Room 1 Nika Mlakar - Hip Hop Bellydance (Intermediate/Advanced)
Room 2 Sedona Soulfire - OOOEY-GOOEY Classic Cabaret Combos (Open)
16:00 - 18:00
Room 1 Nika Mlakar - Modern RagsSharki Choreography (Intermediate/Advanced)
Room 2 Colleena Shakti - The Intangible Techniques of Dance and Stage Craft (Theory Lecture)
19:30 - 21:30 @ NAZRI RESORT, Baga
21:30 onwards

Closing and Sharing Circle led by Sedona (supported by Leena)

MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2016
09:00 - 10:30

Room 1 Deepthi Shetty - Lyrical Contemporary Approach to Bellydancing (Open)
Room 2 Bindu Bolar - Ground Zero: Introduction to Tribal Fusion Bellydancing  (Open)
10:30 - 12:00
Room 1 Leena Viie - Flamenco Bellydance Fusion with Veil (Open)
Room 2 Aakriti Gandhi - Shimmy Layering  (Open)
13:30 - 15:00
Room 1 Payal Gupta - Tahitian fusion Bellynesian (Open)
Room 2 Essa Duhaime - Drum Solo (Intermediate/Advanced)
15:00 - 16:30
Room 1 Leena Viie - Movie  screening of Bellystan
Room 2 Pia Bhurke - Lavni Bellydance (Open)
16:30 onwards
Sunset Belly Jam with Sana Pindare

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