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Sightseeing in Ponda

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Popularly known as the Cultural Capital of Goa, Ponda is also the fastest growing city in the State of Goa. Ponda is the gateway to Goa's wildlife sanctuaries, incuding the Bondla, the Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. The Butterfly conservatory, run by the Butterfly Conservatory of Goa (NGO) and located at Pisgal (very close to the Tropical Spice Plantation), is another interesting destination for nature enthusiasts. 

Khandepar Cave Temples

Hindu Rock Cut Caves

These hindu Rock Cut Caves, dating back to 10th-13th century, may be found northeast of Ponda, near the village of Khandepar

Safa Shahouri Mosque

Mosque | Historical Landmark

Safa Shahouri Mosque is Ponda’s main attraction. This mosque was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1560

Temples at Taluka

Hindu Temples

Taluka is renowned for its numerous Hindu Temples that are a unique blend of European Baroque, Muslim and Hindu architectural styles. Shri Manguesh. Shri Mahalsa, Shantadurga Temple (between villages of Mardol and Priol),  Shri Ramnath Temple , Shri Nagueshi Temple and Shri Lakshmi Narasimha Temple.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary | Nature

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is located a mere 52 km from Panaji in the foothills of the Western Ghats, this modest eight square km sanctuary comprises a Mini Zoo, Deer Safari Park, Botanic Gardens and a handful of Ecotourism Cottages.

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Waterfalls | Natural Reserve

Located in the Goa-Karnataka border and measuring 600metres and lies in the Goa-Karnataka border, this waterfall is accessible by jeep or by foot, although a train stops nearby.  Its name translates to “sea of milk”, because when the water levels are at their highest a milky (dudh) forms at its base. Considered a biodiversity hotspot, the best time to visit is from October, immediately after the monsoons, to mid December. Stay at:  the 4 Teepees on an organic farm, a micro-tourism project, located at the top of the falls (Karnataka side). The property has no name, but you can contact Sylvia Kerkar at (0832) 325 8928. 

Spice Farms

Tropical Spice Plantation

This plantation spreads over about 160 acres. The tour is well organized and begins with a “Meet & Greet” and a welcome drink of hot lemongrass (great for fatigue!), following which visitors are taken in groups around clean well maintained paths and provided detailed info on the numerous varieties of spice plants, and the benefits derivable from each by knowledgeable guides.

The walk ends with a short “Tarzan Show”, where a beetle-nut harvester climbs up high atop the slender stem of a beetle-nut tree and swaying it from side to side transfers himself from one limb to another, collecting beetle-nuts from each! This is followed by a hearty buffet lunch in the traditional cuisine. The shop at the reception sells pure & organic and highly beneficial they are well worth the high charges. Guests may also choose to take elephant rides or bathe with elephants at additional costs.

Tropical Spice Plantation: Keri, Ponda (about a 30 minute drive from Ponda central); Tel: (832) 234 0329

Some other Spice Plantations in the area are:

Sahakari Spice Farm
/ NH4A, Curti, 3.5 km from the Shantadurga Temple at Kavlem and 1.5 km from Ponda.

Pascoal Spice Village / Off NH4A, Khadepar.

Savoi Verem / off NH4A, 13 km down NH4A from Old Goa, Turn left at Banastarim to Marcela, from where the farm is 6 km away.  


  • Cultural capital of Goa
  • Fastest growing city in Goa
  • Spice Plantations
  • Wildlife sanctuary
  • Dudhsagar waterfalls
  • Butterfly conservatory

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