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WOOF WOOF (The Party Boat)


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OPEN FOR LIMITED BOOKINGS ON REQUEST! Woof Woof offers day excursions or private parties, on its customized 53 foot, handcrafted teakwood boat, ideal for a trip with the kids, family or friends. The boat caters to 12 passengers ("Woofers") at a time and the journey comprises a trip into the Arabian Sea with a meal catered by the celebrated Sublime restaurant . Woof Woof  also offers a fully functional cocktail bar and option for live entertainment.


  • "Woof Woof is the epitome of what Goa is all about," says its creator, Ro. Whether you are looking for a rollicking party on the high seas or a leisurely family trip, Woof Woof provides an ocean excursion like no other.
  • The Woof Woof experience is a day trip (three or six hours) into the Arabian Sea upon a glistening 53 foot, handcrafted teakwood boat. The boat invites up to 12 Woofers at a time and the voyage of up to 8 nautical miles into the ocean comprises a meal service, cocktail service, music of your choice from its powerful stereo, a swim in the open seas and live entertainment- on request.  Trips may be organized at sunrise, or for sunset, and can be customized to the group's requirements.


  • The High Seas:  12 Woofers are invited to share the jouney that will take them up to a distance of 8 nautical miles into the Arabian Sea, lasting over 3 or 6 hours. Dive into the azure waters, lazily watch a glorious sunrise or sunset or just sip on delicious cocktails while grooving to the tunes on board. If lady luck is on your side, you might even spot and swim with the dolphins.
  • The Sound: The customized sound-system plays the music of your choice, at the volume of your choice.  Choose from the on-board selection encompassing a diverse range of musical genres, from Blues, Ambient, Chill-out, Opera to Sufi, Global beats, Psychedelic, Trance and Electronica. Music specialists may also be brought on board, on request

  • The Entertainment: Woof Woof is all about entertainment in the open seas. This season’s schedule includes Tarot and Angel card readings, Belly dancing, 5 Rhythms and music makers and DJs on board. Woof Woof also caters to individual fancies, and would love to plan and make your fancies into reality.
  • The Drinks: Woof Woof offers refreshing chilled juices and coconut water. The fully functional bar offers cocktails featuring the freshest of ingredients and seasonal tropical fruits. Top shelf liquor is also available. The wine list includes domestic, fine wines and champagnes .
  • The Food: The private trip of a 6-hour voyage provides food catered by one of Goa’s most celebrated restaurants, Sublime. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.


  • In keeping with Woof Woof's vision of offering unadulterated fun, without compromising on safety, the boat is equipped with the following safety measures:
  • • Certified Lifeguards on-board w/ motor ship handling & life-saving techniques. First-Aid, CPR.  
  • • First-Aid kits are on board at all times.
  • • Safety equipments: life jackets, rescue tubes, fire extinguishers, depth reader
  • • Sealed inflatable rubber dingy carried on board (upto 20 people)
  •  Emergency craft w/ outboard motor engine towed w/ main boat
  •  VHS radio receiver—satellite navigation
  •  Telephone communications


    • The Woof Woof story began with its creator, Ro , attending a small party on the boat during a short trip to Palolem in February, before he planned to return home to New York City. The boat was then being run as a low-profile enterprise in the south, and its owner was seeking a way out of the business. Their conversation soon led to Ro making an offer on the boat that he would confirm within 3 weeks. On their agreed deadline, once Ro determined that he could procure necessary licenses to operate the boat in the north, he made his final offer, and Woof Woof was born. 
    • Ro, who has lived in cities across India, Dubai, Phillipines, Washington DC and most recently in New York, spent the following monsoon in Goa to completely revamp the boat in his vision to create a completely unique sea-bound experience accessible to all ages. His motivation was pure adventure, “to let folks experience a day out at sea simply being and not worrying about life, just living the moment and having pure unadulterated fun.”


  • A day excursion into the Arabian Sea
  • Private party on 53 foot boat
  • Meals by Sublime or Jardin d’ Ulysse
  • Fully functional cocktail bar
  • State of the art sound system




Docked in front of
Jardin d’ Ulysse
H/1283 Temb Vaddo
Morjim, Pernem   
Goa 403512


+ 918600144443

Master of Festivities



  • 53 foot handcrafted teakwood boat
  • Customized interiors
  • Water mattresses & floats for swimming
  • Sundeck above cabin
  • Powerful sound system
  • Dance deck
  • 4 person crew
  • Food catering service, by Sublime
  • Fully functional cocktail bar
  • Restroom & fresh water showers

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