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Titlie is a stylish culinary bar, perched on Vagator's vibrant cliffs overlooking Ozran beach and the Arabian Sea beyond. Enjoy a collaborative spirit, where chefs, musicans, and mixologists come for immersive dining experiences.


Whether you fancy all day dining, rounds of romantic toasts, or an evening out with friends, Titlie presents a stunning location to soak up Goa's sunny shores. Stepping in through a green canopied pathway that opens out into the restaurant terrace, enjoy panoramic vistas and palm-framed sunset scenes. Settle down in the open-plan dining areas that allow for myriad moods throughout the day and into the night.

Delightful decor and tasteful furnishings accentuate the cliffside setting. Titlie’s contemporary-rustic aesthetic has been brought to life by Shweta Kaushik of SK.ID. Pastel colours shot with lush greens, are reminiscent of a butterfly living its own definition of susegad.


Titlie is a gastronomic melting-pot reflecting the blend of global and Indian regional inspirations. Tarun, one of the founders, says, “Titlie showcases the best of Indian International hospitality. It is a beachfront culinary bar where collaborative cuisine takes the centre stage and celebrates the priceless luxury of life’s moment-to-moment pleasures. An imaginative blend of local and international recipes is brought alive by sublime seasonal produce, along with regional spirits and signature tinctures prepared in-house. Titlie, named after the butterfly, symbolises the sensorial memories of our daily, transformative journeys through life. Goa’s multifaceted spirit; the enigmatic expanse of the ocean inspiring relaxation and romance and the most unforgettable sunset views, represent so much more than just the sum of all ingredients.”

There are elegant servings of Charred Sourdough with orange peel butter, green mascarpone and guava chili jam, or Porcini French Toast. Texture-rich Salads, featuring mangoes and tomatoes, figs and pomegranates, or walnut yoghurt and peppery arugula, make way for dishes you want to roll up your sleeves for. That could mean a Pulled Pork Vindaloo with sauerkraut, Pressed Pork Belly with apple cider; or Seared Goat Meat with a maple whiskey wash. You would be missing out if you didn’t try the hearty Curry Leaf Chicken Schnitzel, with rich, smoky hoisin barbeque and clean flavours of green apple slaw for balance.

In their own simple way, the selection of ‘hybrid’ flatbreads and kulchas represent Titlie’s desire to encourage old-fashioned, communal ‘breaking of bread.’

Soul food from the sea makes its way to you as Fried Snapper with hot Asian sauce, Garlic Butter Poached Prawns, Goan Prawn Bisque with moringa rice, or Wit Beer Battered Fish. There’s also the fragrant Fish Soup Tom Yum Broth, with snapper, crayfish, squid and the uplifting flavours of lemongrass, chili and kafir lime.

Amongst the delectable vegetarian options are Aubergine Steak with fettuccini ratatouille, flavoured milk Polenta, Chilled Pea and Tomato Gazpacho with cashew cream coconut milk, as well as yellow curry Spinach and Tofu with house pickles and yuzu aioli.

Title’s decadent desserts will help you end brunches or working lunches in style. Choose the Pale Ale and Jaggery Panna Cotta with grilled fruit; or the Banana Bread Peanut Butter Toast with toffee milk. To kickstart a special sunset-to-sunrise party, you may want to tuck into the Dark Chocolate Sorbet, with baked orange purée, vanilla and cardamom almond cream.


A cool European brunch bistro by day, Titlie gradually and beautifully becomes a charming Indian tapas bar by night. Gathering at this scenic bar, sip on signature sundonwers, and enjoy regular live entertainment through the week.

One of India’s finest mixologists, Yangdup Lama, is the creative mind behind Titlie’s Specials, featuring in-house tinctures and bitters, a cornucopia of local produce, Goan fenis and whiskies. These include the Austin Tower Old Fashioned, using peanut-infused Paul John Bold, with caramel and orange bitters stirred and finished with orange oils. The Saligao Straight celebrates Goan mahua, while Cocktail De Ponas serves up tropical vibes with coconut feni and papaya pulp, seasoned with salt and lime. Majorda Mist hints at feistiness, with vodka and fresh passion fruit pulp, red bell peppers, lime and a hint of tabasco. The classic G&T gets a Titlie twist, with burnt rosemary; and all the Gin concoctions entice with orange liqueur, lime and kafir lime, redberry or zesty ginger. Beloved Classics get captivating interpretations - go for the Bloodiest Mary ever, Smoky Scotch Sour, Minty Monty Might Mule or, Citrus Old Fashioned with bitters, bourbon and burnt orange.


Bipin Sibal and Tarun Sibal are co-founders at One Fine Meal, a third-generation food enterprise and an award-winning catering firm.

Bipin is Director of Operations, responsible for maintaining the impeccable standards of One Fine Meal’s institutional catering division, while feeding 5,000 meals a day. He now brings his penchant for meticulous organisation and execution to Titlie.

Tarun has 17 years of rich product expertise in food and beverage, across production, operations, formats, food heritage and food and liquid culture. He has worked with The French Ministry of Food, The Irish Food Board and The Meat and Livestock Association of Australia. A self-professed wine and specialised spirits geek, Tarun brought the Bordeaux wine school to India, spearheaded marketing and sales at Fratelli wines and worked with the Mezcal producers to introduce Mezcal into the country. In the kitchen, his food signature can also be seen in Delhi-NCR at Café Staywoke, Loft By The Clock Tower, Ministry of Sound and Sidecar.

With a diverse portfolio of successful businesses, Shyaam Khurana has already set foot in Goa with his brand of luxury villas, Roots. In addition to being a celebrated entrepreneur, he is a fitness guru with his own chain of gyms in New Delhi, a food connoisseur, travel enthusiast and luxury consultant.

Karrtik Dhingra launched his menswear label, Karrtik D, in 2010, after attaining a diploma in fashion from JD Institute of Fashion Technology. He has dressed the quirky Ranveer Singh, the polished Shahid Kapoor and the formidable Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Titlie symbolised a natural progression for his love of fine tastes and flair for an artistically luxuriant life.

Titlie spread its wings on the shores of Goa in September 2019.


  • Panoramic views over Vagator beach
  • Atmospheric lounge terrace
  • Beautiful sunsets
  • Handcrafted cocktails
  • Collaborative cuisine




Small Vagator


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