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What's up! What'sUpGoa.com (The WUG)

What's Up Goa! (The WUG) was created by graphic designer, Johanna Viande and communications consultant, Pratiti Basu-Chanard to provide a dynamic and discerning online insider's guide to Goa for global visitors traveling to -or residing in- India's vibrant and unique beach destination. The WUG is a dedicated site that showcases the choicest spots and most worthwhile leisure experiences in Goa for the savvy global traveler; a site that is regularly updated, is affable in design and conversational in content, and that embodies the definitive culture of modern-day Goa.
Welcome to the sunny side!

The Wug

We have combed through the busy beaches and weeded through all the information out there to offer our selection of establishments and services that will help you get the very best out of Goa.
In Goa's notoriously brazen and pulsating milieu of parties, fashion, food and entertainment other guides are hopelessly out of sync of what is really out there. The WUG is the real deal! We give you the insider's tip of what's happening and when it's happening! Through frequent updates on our site, individual e-mailers and real-time Twitter feeds, we always keep you in the know of Goa's subversive culture, its swank new openings, exclusive parties, impromptu events and much more.
Colorful, opinionated, saucy & fun, the WUG is your definitive guide to what's cool in Goa. And with us you are never considered a tourist, you're a visitor!
If it's not in the WUG you are probably not missing anything.

Wug Members

Establishments featured in the WUG are by invitation only and represent a niche ensemble of businesses that are distinctive by virtue of their aesthetics, quality of service and the offering of unique experiences. The site represents establishments of all scales, from luxury groups to individual proprietors, encompassing every price range and across all relevant categories, including hotels, restaurants, nightlife, yoga centers, spas etc.
The WUG & Co. is responsible for identifying businesses that are relevant to the site, and for managing all related content, features, updates and reviews.
All things fabulous, nothing extraneous!

The WUG & co. Partners

Johanna Viande

Johanna Viande

Johanna has a passion for traveling the world, and her trips made her stop for good in India. She was born in France, where she studied Fine Arts in various cities, to eventually complete her Masters in Fine Arts in London. She is now a graphic and web designer with notable experience under her belt from Paris, London and Goa.

Prior to co-establishing the WUG, Johanna was the Artistic Director at the renowned Folies Pigalle, Paris, where she was responsible for creating their visual and web communications.
Johanna's significant experience, however, has been as a freelancer for 7 years in France, specialized in graphic design and visual consultancy, where she has managed a series of projects across industries (art, music, sports, restaurants, spas, etc.), a role which has her overseeing every element of design, including conceptualization of logos per the global graphic standard.

Johanna's other expertise lies in video art & editing, skills she honed during her position at The Lux, London's largest art video corporative. With the Lux, Johanna also worked as the gallery assistant at their Lux Art Gallery, where she assisted in the organization of exhibitions in her down time. Johanna has also worked on short films for television at London's Channel 4.

In the little spare time she has, Johanna is an active member of several associations of electronic music and of street theater, manages diverse communications projects, oversees design & decor for large events as well as sculpts.

Contact Johanna at johanna@whatsupgoa.com

Pratiti Basu-Chanard

Pratiti Basu-Chanard

Pratiti likes to think of herself as a true citizen of the world. She was born India, raised in the Middle East since the age of 2, earned a dual degree in Anthropology & Communications at the University of Texas at Austin (U.S.), lived & worked in New York City and returned to India only 6 years ago where she eventually married a Frenchman! She is Communications professional with an extensive global experience.

Prior to the WUG, Pratiti served as the GM of the Luxury Marketing Council in India.
Pratiti's significant experience has been as a Business Consultant, specialized in Communications. In this role she has managed a series of diverse projects including- Corporate Relations Management for a premier New Delhi law firm (Titus & Co,), Operations & Relationship Management for US media company (CTV), Business Development Management for Internet marketing agency(Silicon Biztech) and Media Relations Management for an ATP Tennis Tournament (The Qatar Open).

She began her professional career in New York City, with the global media group, Discovery Networks and internet consultancy firm- Digitas, NY.
In her spare time, Pratiti has additionally served as the Regional Director for an online educational project (The Brick Project), oversees Communications for her husband's group of boutique hotels (The Amarya Group), loves writing, traveling and experiencing life's sweet joys.

The WUG is Pratiti's premier foray as an entrepreneur and an attempt to marry business with all her many pleasures.

Contact Pratiti at pratiti@whatsupgoa.com