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La vie Boheme


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La vie Boheme Goa Beach Shop is the first flagship boutique store of the “La vie Boheme” brand by Vero M. It is a fitting welcome to arguably one of the most popular restaurants in Goa, the chic and trendy Thalassa on Vagator beach. Along with the Vero M. label, the boutique showcases original, elegant, multifaceted collections of chic bohemian women’s wear and jewellery that are comfortable, fashionable and fun.


The La vie Boheme boutique is located in Vagator as you enter Thalassa>>. Elegant, and sophisticated, colourful and relaxed, blending easily with Thalassa’s Mediterranean ambience, the store's decor is a fitting welcome to the ever popular beach taverna. Alluring bright colours of the leather bags and clothing draw your eyes in, before your feet gracefully follow. The lotus on the brand's logo represents the beauty and strength of a woman, two values held closely in La vie Boheme.


The chic bohemian collection was chosen with passion and precision, keeping in mind the convenience sought out by versatile individuals who transcend both city and beach lifestyles.


Blissful day in Goa
Inspired by the energies of Goa and Ibiza, “Blissful Day in Goa” embodies a bohemian chic, laid back style.

Jewels in the City
With clothing customised to compliment bags, shoes and jewellery “Jewels in the City" beholds some antique and distinctive pieces inspired by the Rajashtani, Chinese and Laddaki heritages.

Paradise Island
Fashioned with leather "as blue as the skies and sea, green and blue for the day and sparkling white for the night", this range is said to blend in with nature. It replaces ribbons and skins with unique painting by Seckh, a young artist from Delhi, or semi precious stones ( mother of pearl, lapis) on silver brooches

Enchanted Forest
Her new collection " Enchanted forest" is inspired by the tropical forests of Asia, instilling the illusion of life such as the lotus, bamboo and tropical birds on the hand-painted bags, shoes and embroidered clothes. When ancient handiworks and contemporary fashion meet, enchantment transcends and " La vie boheme by vero m." lives to tell it's story.


The shop also curates Vero dashing semi precious stones on gold silver pieces of Jewelry but also fun crystal necklaces and bracelets from Bali.

You can also find more glamour rock pieces from Doro and Swarovski wraps from Laeticia to complement your outfits, along with ethnic Jewelry by Meera Saxena.


After living in Barcelona and Ibiza, absorbing the winters of Istanbul,  dancing in the desert dunes of Dubai, finding interest in and a love for jewellery in Thailand, fitting friends with fashion couture in Bali, Veronique Manchharam moved to india where she opened her flagship store “La vie Boheme”. 

Veronique’s love affair with fashion has evolved into this diverse collection of trendy, yet practical fashion wear. She continues to travel the world in her ongoing search for for eye-appealing colours, textures and styles that are all things chic and bohemian.

When she is not traveling, Veronique divides her time between Delhi, Goa, Singapore and Bali where her second flagship store is due to open.  

La Vie Boheme by Vero M. is currently available for purchase online, as well as in locations such as Delhi, Goa, Singapore, Bali, Miami & Ibiza.


Making a footprint wherever she goes, sharing her passion and refined taste, Veronique's collection has been featured by Hippie in Heels in August 2014, I Magazine in Bali, July 2014, and in Retail therapy online. 


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  • Charming cliffside boutique
  • Eclectic collection of designers
  • Quality fabric and stylish, vibrant design
  • Beach or city chic bohemian fashion




La Vie Boheme
Thalassa, Ozran, Vagator 


+91 8805531209


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