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Sohela Art


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Sohela Dabiri is an Iranian born artist that grew up and studied in Germany, now living and working in Goa. She is an artist in pen and ink drawings, with also being talented in art performance. Sohela is currently exhibiting her work ‘Shamanic Vision Art’ at Laguna Anjuna. For those in search of an alternative approach to art, Sohela’s exhibition and performance are not to be missed.


Born in Iran, Sohela Dabiri grew up in Germany and was further educated at the Hanover FH School in the discipline of Free Art. However, in her 15th semester, she chose to drop out of the prestigious institution, despite being talented in Concept Art. She felt a lack of connection between her and the suggested meaning behind Free Art; she was not able to express herself spontaneously within this genre.

In search of answers, to experience spirituality and revive her moral fibre, Sohela embarked on her travels, from the mountains of Kashmir to Rishikesh and to Banaras. Sohela has lived in many parts of India, and coming into contact with the ancient knowledge, cultures, tribal wisdoms, she became interested in alternative healing. Then, when she visited Goa, she was enthralled with its mystic monsoon, and the slower pace of life. Her Indian experience revived her spirit and she naturally began drawing again. 


The American Visionary Art Museum defines Visionary art as ‘‘art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself.’’ It goes on to say that visionary art is a product of an inner process, and may not even be thought of as art by its creator.

Sohela herself draws inspiration from nature, tribal and shamanistic cultures, from their Ahayuasca healing traditions, life experiences and her own travels in India. Through her art, her aim is to express the natural beauty and power of the monsoon, which was a big inspiration. She translates the complex process self-discovery, re-discovering her identity and her roots into visual form. ‘‘This gave me the possibilities to travel into my inside world, and in a way, it was healing myself.’’

Her detailed pen and ink drawings, both in black and white as well as in color are described as intense and mesmerizing. On the Sohela Art website, there are images of her art work, a trailer to an art animation movie based on her works, and also glimpses of her art performances in Goa, India, which generally carry a social message. 
‘‘In fact I do not name the picture until after it is finished, and then there is comprehension. Rather than creating something, I feel as if it is channeled from deep within myself.’’

Prints can be purchased at Laguna Anjuna, Goa. Please contact Farok, see contact information.


Sohela's video interview part 1.1

Sohela's video interview part 1.2 

Goa Times

Iranian artist Sohela Dabiri is a believer in free art. She does not follow any school or stream of projecting her work to the public. Inspired by quantum physics and the oldest divinatory practice of enlightenment - Shamanism, Sohela presents an art performance titled ‘‘What can I do about it,/ Where are you from?’’ It moves beyond two dimensional imagination with body, sound, light, colour, action and time.

Navhind Times
When asked to define art she promptly replies, " You cannot define art. But , for me it is a means of self expression." Thus, it is quite natural that her performance is based on the theme of identity. It has been titled " What can I do about it, or where are you from?"

Navhind Times, 13 February 2010
Intuitive, highly complex and intricate maybe a way to describe 'Shamanic Vision Art', an art exhibition which includes 12 paintings, by Sohela Dabiri, currently on display at Resort Laguna Anjuna. (…) A style definitive for the bold usage of black and white through the medium of ink, Sohela believes that one compliments the other; therefore there cannot be one without the other. "I started by using black and white, and now feel urged to move on to colours. I do use a lot of circles. Points become lines, and closing the lines become the circles I use. The circle comes into existence as a living cell, and the cells together form more life. The circles are intensely profuse and I use them to depict matter and energy at subatomic levels as well as life cells." The exhibition also includes several motifs of Indian origin like the interpretation of Goddess Kali and the Shiv Ling. (...) Bold and intense, Sohela's intense quality of art is a powerful expression of herself. " I have never labeled myself as an artist anymore than any artist has, or for that matter any child that draws or paints does," Sohela reveals.


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  • Alternative art
  • Pen and ink drawings
  • Inventive interpretations
  • Intriguing performances
  • Colourful & psychedelic




Laguna Anjuna
Sorrantoo Vaddo
Anjuna, Bardez
Goa 403 509




Prints can either be purchased online, or by contacting Farok at Laguna Anjuna on 9011 07 1945.
Prices range from INR 9,000 to INR 16,000.

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