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Converted from a heritage Portuguese bungalow in Candolim, The Private Collection Goa boutique features an eclectic collection of sophisticated women's apparel, bespoke jewellery, colourful accessories, lifestyle, furniture and design pieces as well as collections of art, presenting works by established international and Indian designers and artists using the unique expertise of Indian handcrafted excellence. Creations include a selection by the owner herself and hand-picked pieces acquired from travels across the country. Conceived and owned by Ramona L Galardi, a therapist, artist and alchemist, the concept store offers a soothing experience and also offers a variety of holistic therapies and workshops by Ramona and other therapists as well.


  • Opened in December 2011, The Private Collection is housed in a transformed Portuguese bungalow set in an enchanting walled garden on the Candolim main street. The charming "concept store" offers sophisticated collections of women's fashion and accessories as well as lifestyle pieces on the ground floor, and collections of art on the upper floor. 
  • The property has been completely refurbished by the owners, converting an aging bungalow into a luxurious boutique, a task that took several skilled craftsmen and many months of intensive labour to complete. The ambiance carefully created here is soul soothing and invites guests to browse at their leisure or sit back and relax, offering a calming respite from the bustling Candolim township just outside the property. 


  • The Private Collection showcases works by varied designers, local artists, collections by the owner herself, and pieces acquired from travels across India. Some of the featured designers are:
  • - Milan based Stefania Falchi who creates beautiful reversible silk jackets using traditional kantha work. She also designs a stunning range of jewellery in semi-precious stones and brass.
  • - South India based Italian, Liliana works with cotton mulmuls, creating her hand-block printed range of affordable summer cottons and linen clothing.
  • - Paris based Vasanty creates beautiful handbags from re-cycled cotton, embroidered jacquards, as well as a range of fine wool scarves with her unique screen prints.
  • - Danish Katja makes stunning handbags in leather and old mirror work.
  • - Italian Valeria creates a range of  jewellery and handbags from tribal pieces from the Lambani tribal women folk.
  • - And not forgetting Italian Betta whose funky creations in voiles, velvets, cotton and silk continue to please all ages.
  • - On the local front, featured Indian designer is Bina Ramani, whose collections range from vintage silks, brocades, collectors pieces to the very popular new range of apparel adorned with horn, shells & feathers. 
  • - Furniture & Decoration by various designers and are agents for Loomcraft in Goa, an indoor & outdoor furniture brand.



  • Ramona L. Galardi, of Indian origin, grew up and spent her formative years in London. She has lived in Paris and Singapore, and is currently based in Provence, in the South of France, with a home in Goa as well.
  • Having studied many forms of natural energy techniques since 1994, Ramona encompasses her knowledge to combine and offer a holistic energy therapy she calls Vibrational Alchemy. Please see more about Ramona's therapy in column entitled  "Vibrational Alchemy by Ramona Galardi". 
  • Parallel to working as a holistic therapist, Ramona has worked as a successful interior designer in Singapore, harmoniously blending European with eastern and far-eastern styles. Using her diverse background and flair, she has successfully created healing interiors of great panache and harmony, using colour and the 5 elements. RAMONA'S WEBSITE>>


  • - Transformational Jewellery: Unique sacred creations using crystals and semi-precious stones to create healing necklaces. These pieces are all channelled and hold a powerful vibrational resonance bringing wellbeing, protection, healing and accompaniment. 
  • - Meditative Calligraphy: Ramona expresses the universal language of soul, one of awakening, of vision, of harmony, of ascension to the higher realms of existence through her ‘meditative calligraphy’, a sacred art, a vibrational alchemy. Available as lithographs, originals, greeting cards, a deck of cards for everyday guidance, and a book.


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  • Charming concept store
  • Set in a converted Portuguese bungalow
  • Conveniently located on the Candolim main road
  • Sophisticated collections of women's fashion & accessories
  • Collections of lifestyle, design, furniture & art
  • Soon to host therapies by Ramona




1255 Annavado
Candolim, Bardez
Goa 403 515





  • Ramona Galardi's Vibrational Alchemy combines the use of Reiki (being a Reiki Master/Teacher), with crystals and gem stones, the use of the spectrum of seven colours which correspond to the seven main chakras in the body, and the vibration of sound, from toning and chanting to the sound of Tibetan bowls. For all the treatments and workshops Ramona creates a safe space for the client to allow alchemy to occur.
  • Ramona’s therapies include:
  • - Vibrational Alchemy: see description above.
  • - Medulla-Pineal Gland activation: activates the body’s master gland, integrates L&R hemispheres of the brain, connects you to your multi-dimensional self.
  • - Chakra balancing: an energy technique to rebalance the 7 main energy centers of the body 
  • - Reiki: an ancient Japanese technique of energy renewal, works on the body, mind and spirit. Generally experienced as calming & comforting. Reiki can trigger a spontaneous healing crisis.
  • - Brain Gym:  an active session to stimulate L R brain co-ordination. 
  • - Facial reality/R.E.S.E.T.:  through the use of energy transmitted via the finger tips and hands, this interactive process workson the facial muscles and TMJ but has an effect on the whole body.
  • -  Inner Speak: a kinesiology based modality to clear blockages which stop you moving forward in life.
  • Meditations: 
  • - ‘Nadabrahma’: The vibration of sound is incorporated into this specific meditation which is offered on a one to one session or in a group. 
  • - ‘Kundalini meditation’: Movement is used in this meditation and is great for those who have difficulty in getting straight into silence and immobility. Offered on a one to one session or in a group.
  • Workshops: 
  • - Inner Child:  Looks at unresolved issues from your childhood. Using creativity and movement to safely express and liberate stored emotions.


Every Tuesday and Thursday
10:30 - 12:00

by UK instructor Sylvia
walk-ins accommodated

Valentine's day Special


Valentines discounts of up to 50% on Fashion, accesories and decorations! See their regular Pilates and Yoga Classes and an art exhibition by Mohan Naik, Suhas Shilker and Norman Tagore.

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