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Laurent Rochon


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Laurent Rochon is a 'contemporary art designer,’ and the architect of exquisite collections of furniture and objets d’art. A French national settled in Goa, Laurent operates out of his workshop in Assagao, where each Laurent Rochon piece is crafted meticulously by hand by skilled artisans. Laurent's peices are created of of wood, metal or recycled scrap, or a combination of all three elements, embodying his philosophy of perfection and authenticity of matter in the organic form. Laurent Rochon collections are currently exported to U.S. and France, and showcased in a premier trade fair in Milan, an art exhibit in Mumbai and a luxury boutique in New Delhi. In Goa, Laurent concentrates on interior design projects for private properties and new hotels. His clientele is both global and the urban Indian.   



  • Laurent’s ethos is founded in his admiration of matter in its organic form and using the finest quality of material. He also believes in its corollary- of using recycled material to create beauty from scrap.Much of Laurent Rochon’s collections are a joyful play of contrasts- juxtaposing opposing materials, forms, space and colours to create art that echo the very essence of nature- balance. 
  • A perfectionist to core, Laurent demands that there are no screws visible, no joints that are not perfectly straight and no flaws concealed in any of his creations. The craftsmanship is only visible on the underside of all his pieces, and the quality of the work there is evident.  All Laurent Rochon creations are made painstakingly by hand, using no machines other than to cut and clean the material. An intimate workforce for highly skilled craftsman allows Laurent to personally oversee each piece created in his workshop and enforce a strong work ethic focussed on quality.  


Laurent’s creations are primarily made of either wood or metal, or a combination of both, and more recently of recycled material. All wood used is of premium quality, largely teaks and shivon, working with only uncut planks of wood of the finest grains. Wood pieces are meticulously finished with sealer, PU and wax for protection, but are seldom painted so they are resplendent in their natural colour and grain. Meanwhile, all metalwork is repeatedly coated with layers of red oxide, primers and paint to prevent rust and promote resilience.


  • Arch Shape Collection: A functional collection whose originality is derived from its bridge shape, and the absolute symmetry and simplicity in its design. Console Size (cm): L150.W40.H90. 
  • Eiffel Collection: A collection inspired by the Eiffel tower; a play with metal and cross beams.The interior frame is fabricated of Burmese teak wood, juxtaposing the harshness of the metal with the warmth of ‘life’ and luxuriousness of the wood. Size (cm): Mirror : L 180.H 105.W 10; Console : L 165.W 55.H 95. 
  • Twins Collection:  An uncut plank of fine quality shivon wood forms the table-top of this exquisite coffee table, which stands freely on a pair twin lamps created of metallic interloping vacant squares. Size (cm): L200.W55.H95 
  • Bees Collection: Comprising two phases, the interior honeycomb design made of African teak and the  linear frame constructed of a paler shivon wood. Angles in the honeycomb were joined without screws, using only wooden nails and adhesive. Size (cm): L 120.W 20.H 200 
  • Bubbles Collection: Using interloping as well as simple connecting rings, with mirror interiors in selected rings, this collection is a further evidence of the artist’s absorption with contrast, juxtaposing the harshness of metal with the lightness of empty spaces in their centre. Big Mirror: H 180.W 180 | Sofa: L90.W90.H35 | Wine Rack: L41.W40.H82 | Small Round Table: D40.H60 | Small Square Table with Wood: L76.W60.H51

  • Zebra Collection: The collection employs two types of wood- the dark African Teak and the much paler Shivon wood- to create a stripe motif, akin to a zebra. Contemporary in its appeal, the visible natural grains of the wood also lend these pieces a sense of earthiness and sensuality. Console : L150.W50.H85 | Coffee table: L130.W90.H45
  • Target Collection:  The dark African Teak and the pale Shivon wood have been manipulated in this collection to create stripes in the square frame of these pieces; a feature that demands a high degree of precision in creating perfect lines and corners. Contemporary, earthy and sensual. Mirror : L120.H120.W20  | Coffee Table: L145.H60.W95
  • Waves Collection:  Inspired by Goa's ocean waves, this collection of wooden pieces offer a sense of fluidity and freedom, a departure from the designer's more linear designs. Bookshelf: Size (cm): H 190.W 150.L 35
  • Pure Lines:  Principally designed using pure lines, the pieces are fabricated uncut planks of Burmese teak wood, using only. The collection is a flirtation of contrasts, where perpendicular lines are diametrically opposite and airy oval spaces juxtapose rigid lines. Console:L 150.W 35.H 90 | Mirror: L 160.H 90.W 15


  • Laurent Rochon, a French national living in India since 2006, is an expert technincian with a specialized IUT license, and a self-taught designer and artist. His production unit in Assago has been in operation since 2009. 
  • Currently, Laurent works with a company in the U.S, exporting his collections for sale in outlets there. His collections are also sold in France and are showcased in a premium fair in Milan. His work will be featured in an exhibition in Mumbai and his collections are sold in a luxury lifestyle boutique in New Delhi.  His clientele is both global and the urban Indian. 
  • In Goa, Rochon undertakes interior designs projects for private clients and the hospitality industry, while he focuses on creating new designs from his Assago workspace.

  • For me, art is a beautiful means to express myself, to give birth to an idea and fulfill my desire of order and perfection. It enables me to create and develop my imagination. When you design, you express a way of life. It is a part of you, of what you are searching for. In my ordinary life I try to be honest and upright. In my art, I try to create order and perfection. I am never completely satisfied with my work and I continually strive for absolute excellence in my creations. I believe strongly in the freedom of my art without any pressure of complying to a mass-market.


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  • "Contemporary Art Designer" 
  • Exquisite pieces of furniture & objets d’art
  • Each piece is unique and hand-crafted
  • Creations of wood, metal, recycled material
  • Exported to France, U.S & Milan fair
  • Featured in Mumbai exhibition & Delhi boutique
  • Available for Inerior Design projects in Goa




Assagao, bardez
Goa 403 507

French designer of contemporary art & furniture


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