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Raven & Rose


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Raven & Rose will shortly be opening  an exclusive design studio.  Earlier, this brand operated out of its own exclusive boutiques, first located in Calangute, then in Ashwem; both areas house several of Goa's other chic boutiques. The studio, like the boutiques before, promises to be intimate, personal and glamourous. The designs are the creation of Californian born (and raised), stylist turned designer, Ami Grewal. Her collections highlight her flair for dashing colours, sophisticated sequins and bead-work, and glamour.


  • The studio reflects the designer's own quirky, glamorous stlyle, featuring decadent gilded mirrors and light fittings made of feathers and funky, sculpted coloured deer-heads (the designer's own creation and also for for sale).
  • The focus in this showroom, however, is the clothes, which are fabulous!  The studio features the glamorous lines of the Raven & Rose collection, as well as other select designers with sexy, chic casual wear that represent the more modest end of the price range. 



  • The designer's glamorous and edgy style mantra is what distinguishes her designs. Her first line of velore tracksuits and Mexican-inspired embroidered minis, with their functional and relaxed designs, were an instant hit with fashionistas in Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Her current line includes jersey dresses, tights and blouses with sequence and bead-work embellishments. The silhouette are easy chic, and accessible to all. The lengths are flexible, and may be worn long for those formal do's or sexy short for nights out on the prowl.

Quality & timeless glamour

  • With Ami's formal background and technical training, her creations always focus on quality and craftsmanship. Moreover, Ami's unique style and classical fits, make these designs timeless and fabulous in every season!  Her collections incorporate the best quality, the best craftsmanship and a vision that has been created with passion.


Following her training at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York, Ami first began working as an assistant to various stylists in the the American entertainment industry. It was only after she moved to India from San Francisco in 2003, and received numerous compliments on her on her unique sense of style, did the fashion retail idea begin to take shape.

 "Almost every time the enquiry would be in reference to one of my own creations that I had put together for fun. That's when I decided it was time to test the Indian waters and so I set up a small workshop at home and feverishly started creating my own line under the label " Raven & Rose". Ami began her retail enterprise by selling her unique designs to private clients in Delhi and Mumbai. She opened her original Calangute boutique in 2009, after the sun and the sea beckoned this Californian girl. In 2011, the boutique relocated to the more trendy Ashvem beach area. Raven & Rose is now one of the prominent high end women's fashion brands in Goa.

Ami currently lives and works in Goa and frequently visits the USA to hold exhibitions and meet her family.



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  • Sexy, shimmery, chic cocktail dresses
  • Light fabrics and easy fits-  ideal for Goa!
  • An intimate and glamorous showroom studio
  • Ami, the vivacious creator & face of the brand




Morjim - Ashvem road
Morjim, Pernem



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