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Tea n Tonic is a creative public relations and communication agency based in North Goa. While the company was founded in 2013, they bring with them, about twenty years of experince in the PR industry.


PR & Consultancy - Pushing the boundaries what PR can do to help clients communicate, engage and build relationships with their audience.

Media Relations - Communicating newsworthy stories via local or national platforms to reach your target market, be it print, radio, digital or social media.

Marketing & Digital PR - Maintaining a young energetic and responsive human face to clients' brand by creating the right buzz at the right time in the right place with unique marketing strategies. Using a network of contacts for visibility on the most relevant websites, by understanding the type of content websites will want to publish and their readers.

E Mail Marketing & Social Networking - Taking advantage of an in-house ever growing database to provide the needed boost for clients' business. Communicating clients' messages to relevant collectives across social communication apps.

Social Media - Utilising skills and knowhow to make clients' brands’ campaign a complete success with a fresh approach that squeezes every drop of creative juice into social media presence.

Events, Promotions & Music programming - Planning and promoting your next big shindig, whether it is launching a brand, creating awareness for an event, pop up, festival or organizing a regular music night.


Anu - The Boss Lady

Anuradha started working in PR in London in 1997 for clients including Maker's Mark Bourbon, Smollensky's on the Strand (hotel), China Whites & Saint (night club) and Tiger Lils (restaurant). She went on to launch the second largest domain registry in the UK which is dot UK dot com (Central Nic). She later worked for Haymarket Publishing in their Marketing & Circulation department. Back in India, she has consulted for restaurants in Pune and has worked closely with the press for the last 10 years as she helped launch Prestige Wines and several restaurants in Goa. Other than PR, Anuradha has also worked as an interior designer and a fine artist and F&B distributor under the brand name Jambalaya. Further to this she helps run an animal rescue NGO called Animal Farm in Pune.

Pooja - The Influencer
Pooja holds a Post Graduate and an M.B.A in Marketing, Operations and HR from ICFAI University, India. Apart from that she also holds a Post graduate in International Business Management from Seneca, Canada. Her passion for the field of Online Marketing and Communications along with her interest in Event Management is what led her to join the Tea N Tonic team.

Sneha - The Foodie
Sneha Francis, is a double graduate first majoring in business management from St. Xavier’s and then VM Salgaocar College of Law in IP Rights. Now beginning her career in PR, Sneha is the newest member of the team.

Sunieta - The connector
Before joining the TNT, Sunieta started her design journey after she quit her corporate job as an Environment, Health and Safety IT Consultant. She, always having had a strong fascination to Indian handicrafts set out to learn more about them by travelling to remote villages and meeting artisans and craftsmen. What transpired next, along her travels was pure serendipity. Her love for the the environment and her love for designing, came together in the form of an eco label as she effortlessly mixed traditional with trendy, old with new and east with west to create one-of- a-kind timeless and stylish pieces. She brings her unique travel and design experience to the TNT team.

Marylin - The Busy Bee
Marilyn. Has a just kick started her career in PR, after doing two internships in the field of PR during the tenure of MA in International Studies. She has completed her BA in philosophy and sociology prior to that, and also holds a honors degree in Human Resource Management by Chowgule college. Her frequent interests in departmental event management in college  is what led her to believing that PR is what she would see herself as.


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  • Social Media Management
  • Branding
  • Events & Event Promotion
  • Content & Visual Management




L3 Bird’s Eye
Home In The Woods
Off Kadamba Depot Road
Goa 403 521


+91 832 241 2636
+91 83088 03103
+91 80870 55102

Anuradha Vishvanathan

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 13:00

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