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A Reverie


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Located on Calangute's popular Holiday Street, A Reverie, with an air of contemporary tropical chic, is the place to see and be seen in. It is an invite to embrace a lifestyle of food, wine and the good life. Loosely encompassing Modern European fare infused with Asian and local influences, the food introduces one to an innovative dining concept while retaining old favourite dishes and best sellers.


A Reverie, set within an enchanting walled garden on Calangute’s popular Holiday Street seeks to be more homely, going by the ideology of the vibrant couple who run it. Beyond the façade, a warm and professional welcome ensues.
Much like its food, the décor here is unexpected, elegant and thoroughly relaxing - a melange of contemporary slick and theatrical embellishments. Large wooden doors open on to a long white-washed corridor that lead to the outdoor patio surrounding a tree. Big pillars support the majestic tiled roof covering the raised panoramic lounge. Lower down in the main garden, tables sit beneath individual gazebos, while others remain al fresco under starlit skies.
Disco balls, crystal and shell chandleries, and an assortment of artistic lamps provide soft lighting, while the luxurious furnishings along with wooden and copper benches are designed by the owners themselves. Soothing turquoise elements punctuate the premise which is dominated by earthy shades and artefacts. There is a sense of faint sophistication around.
"A Reverie’s design attempts to reflect the encounter between the traditional, contemporary and& creative unpredictable elements…to allow a canvas for the experience to unfold. Even a partial distraction by the somersaults elsewhere in the large space would not interfere with the meal experience...except punctuated by the stars & ocean breeze.”

New additions to the venue include The Tasting Room and A premium Wine Experience Room


The food at A Reverie is like nothing you would have tasted elsewhere, particularly when they have come back anew. The internationally inspired menu has recently taken on a more Goan hue ensuring that they never stop feeding their own (and their team’s) knowledge and imaginations through unusual initiatives; which features truffles and foie gras alongside humbler ingredients that are accorded equal respect. A Reverie currently operates it's laboratory kitchen under the flagship of chef Pablo Miranda.

Rooted in fusion cuisine, the menu reflects Aakritee’s personal style of cooking confidently marrying imaginative flavour combinations with artistic presentations, turning dishes into culinary works of art. Made using fundamental and certain traditional cooking methods, the food includes specialties and new dishes featuring ingredients that are sourced both locally and abroad.
More so, guests are encouraged to soak in the relaxed ambience and help themselves to friendly dishes. The a'la carte is a means through multiple  routes to deliver the stories, flavours, smells and textures that make up chef de cuisine and owner Aakritee's idea of the perfect journey through food. The ghaats, the sea, and the restaurant’s organic garden , their fabulous purveyors command impeccably presented dishes that strive to let each quality ingredient sing to its greatest potential.A reverie  combines avant-garde techniques to tell a story where the local, fresh produce plays the role as protagonist, surprising guests with exciting  international cooking methods, textures, and temperatures.

The food here is unique in presentation as well as taste, be ready for a pleasant surprise with tapas like The Choriz Bao – steamed Bao with spicy Goan sausage filling. The Birds And The Bees – compressed boneless chicken wings with a vindaloo & teriyaki glaze. For the appetisers, like The Noodle Experiment-squid and prawn noodles served with Goan and Thai inspired broths. For maincourse dig into the Fillet steak, a favourite here for years. The Fish That Swam The Seven Sauces is another that is quite popular. For desserts don’t miss The Egg But No Egg which looks like different preparations of egg but does not contain any. Signature cocktails includes a Molecular Strawberry bellini, "Chai"prioska and The Great Indian Mojito.

With an element of fun in creating memorable experiences, A Reverie demystifies dining and celebrates the simple art of eating food!

The luxurious wood panelled, temperature controlled wine room at A Reverie is an experience of an ecosystem which creates a direct link between the earth, the kitchen, the grape  and the diner. The wine list features classics and rare heavyweights from Bordeaux and Burgundy, plus an excellent selection hailing from India's finest vineyards.

The tasting menu draws from the entire spectrum of both Catholic and Hindu influences on Goan cuisine. Chefs  pay homage to the indigenous cooking of Goa, employing modern techniques and native ingredients to recreate ancient dishes and invent new ones that showcase unusual flavour combinations. The multi-course set menu abounds with ingredients that are farmed, foraged or grown in their gardens. Emphasizing on sutainability and season dining, A Reverie's Tasting Menu has a repertoire of 300 dishes which are served on rotation going by the availability of ingredients every night!

Farmhouse practices such as pickling, brining, curing and ageing are emloyed - an approach that is possibly going to be a harbinger for New Goa cuisine.



Apart from all day dining, A Reverie can now accommodate private parties:
Private gazebos for smaller groups up to 50
Entire venue buy out for larger group sizes up to 150
The lounge, which can accommodate 40 when seated and 80 when standing
Dining area which can seat 70 to 100 at a time

The venue can be reserved for exclusive use with an assortment of tapas and cocktails, live counters or pre-fixe menus of three to seven courses. All aspects of the occasion, from menu selection, wine pairing, co-ordinating with event organizers, providing stellar entertainment, theme options, décor, flower arrangements to parting gifts can be tailor made as per your requirement.


Celebrations to the likes of anniversaries, birthdays, first dates and re-unions can be customised:
Tasting menus of  four to nine courses with a special tasting for vegetables featuring distinctive ingredients in small focused dishes
Your choice of décor to complement
Surprising tiny bites, selected wine pairings, a special cake and seasonal menus are designed to pique your curiosity and elevate your senses.

Lest be said, everything needed to create a special and memorable experience for you and your loved ones, will be taken care of. It is best to reserve for private parties and celebrations a few weeks or a month in advance.


“A Reverie” translates to “a dream” and this fine Calangute restaurant is born of a dream by husband and wife food connoisseurs, Aakritee and Virendra Singh. The couple gave up their prolific careers in Food & Beverage at The Taj Group sixteen years ago to enter the restaurant business, following their deep understanding and predilection for food, “after all food is only about sensibilities,” says Aakritee. 

A Reverie first opened in 2000 that was then relocated to its present address, a mere stone’s throw away, 5 years later. Aakritee and Virendra personally oversee every detail of their restaurant, from designing its structure and every piece of furniture, sourcing the fabrics and china to creating its inimitable menu. Virendra handles the business end of affairs here, while Aakritee holds down the kitchen. With an aim to conjure up distinctly creative cusine whilst maintianing purity of approach, they offer a personal rendition to the food at A Reverie.

Hailed by critics and diners as “magicians”, “culinary alchemists” and “gastronomic messiahs”, Aakritee and Virendra’s approach to gastronomy is as artists, researching fundamental techniques and new technological developments and experimenting with re-constructing and re-interpreting classical and popular dishes while drawing inspirations from diverse world food cultures their reputation on astonishing inventions and pioneering techniques.

For them, the art of cooking is an endless pursuit of learning, “nourishing one’s love of food & its improvisation” and “to maintain passion for everyday routine & the endlessly repeated act, to derive deep gratification from the mundane”.

“Food to us is as much an art form if not more- As in art; we are obsessed with bringing about a visual dimension to each of our dishes. In its unique way, art expresses things that belong to the world of the indescribable, so does food.” At a more profound level, it's about food that resonates on an emotional as well as sensual level and “it demands psychological reflection" says Aakritee.




  • Reverie ably spearheaded by the efforts one of the hardest working couple I know in the business - Lenny Menezes (Chairman, Hilton Hotels Worldwide in India)
  • Aakritee and Virendra have created a stunningly wonderful ambiance. The cocktails and cuisine are unique and created to perfection. A Reverie is truly a world class experience - Vijay Mallya (Industrialist)
  • Aakritee knows food like Satan knows sin!.. - Simone Singh (TV personality)
  • It's on my World Top 5 'Must eat in' List - Aditya Vikram Somani (Industrialist)
  • It really doesn't get any better than this! - Chait Singh (Managing Director, A La Concierge Services)
  • Having worked and travelled all over the world I often get asked where my favourite restaurant is? Easy answer and it has been since the very first time that I experienced A Reverie 12 years ago - Mandi Watson (Gateway Manager Thomas Cook Holidays, India)
  • A Reverie is the World on a Platter - Nakul Anand (Executive Director/Chief Executive ITC Hotels)
  • Goa’s chicest restaurant owned by Goa’s coolest couple.. - Manoviraj Khosla (Fashion Designer)
  • ..a menu that makes you wish your stomach was a cavern… Its bar, its cuisine, its vibe makes you just want more...more...more...! - Pooja Bedi (TV/Film/Media personality)
  • Aakritee and Virendra have created some real magic with this Goa landmark restaurant! - Aditya Burman (Industrialist)
  • A Reverie is such an amazing restaurant because Aakritee and Virendra are so passionate about the food, their guests, their family of staff, the ingredients, the wines, the ambience - Ronnie Lobo (Vice President Carlson Hotels Worlwide)


  • After more than 12 seasons and with a long list of loyal clients, it needs very little endorsement - Food & Nightlife
  • A Reverie puts a new twist on holiday dining. - CNN Guide
  • ……it is a ‘gastronomical orgy’ - Spiritz
  • A hot spot for the glitterati - The Man
  • A Reverie is as much about stylish living as about food. - Verve
  • An oasis in the middle of visual cacophony…. - The Herald
  • One of the more—if not the most—adventurous culinary enterprises in Goa - Times Food Guide
  • Aakritee’s cuisine has received and overwhelming response from guests the world over - Better Interiors
  • If it’s true that the devil is in the detail,…. A Reverie is easily the most satanic meal - Gomantak Times
  • A Reverie  is on the must-dine-at list for every gourmet - Taste & Travel
  • Your tongue researches, the salivary glands combines, the mind tries to interpret…sheer heaven.. Times City
  • Chic, stylish and very sophisticated - HI Blitz
  • Obviously appeals as much to the eyes as it does to the palate… - Home Review
  • A Reverie is one of the finest dining experiences in Goa - Vogue
  • Place for culinary celebration - BBC Good Food 
  • The menu is global-fusion at its best - Outlook Traveller
  • Everything Aakritee and Virendra serve… is steeped in the essence of love.. Indian Express
  • An absolute gourmet pilgrimage - Sun (UK)
  • … Aakritee’s desserts could inspire poems - Zest
  • This is the place to spoil yourself… - Lonely Planet
  • A Reverie is rated amongst the top restaurants in the ‘stand alone’ segment in India - The Navhind Times
  • A Reverie is among the classiest addresses in Goa - Discovery Channel Travel Guide
  • Impeccable presentation, a fine balance of textures, tastes and flavors... - The Asian Age
  • Gourmet haunt on the shores of Calangute Beach - Elle Gourmet
  • If at all possible, the food tastes even better than it looks.. - Groove
  • This is a splash out venue.. - Footprint Guide
  • Artfully plated and served under the stars - Times of India
  • Arguably one of the hottest - Frommers
  • A Reverie a must-visit on your Goan holiday - Yatra
  • A steal given the quality of the food - Rough Guides
  • A Reverie has become the must visit place for celebs, biz tycoons and the serious foodies - Hospitality World


  • Signature cuisine with influenced from across the world
  • Relaxed garden ambience and vibe
  • Outdoor panoramic lounge
  • Fabulous and bold cocktails
  • Sumptuous dessert platters




Holiday - Street
Calangute, Bardez
Goa 403 515



Aakritee & Virendra Sinh
Owners/Culinary team
+919823174927 | +919823505550



  • OPEN FOR DINNER ONLY: 7.00 P.M onwards. (Oct/ Nov to April / May)
  • BAR & LOUNGE: Open on request till 5.AM (on request or on busy nights )
  • PRIVATE PARTIES – Up to 60 pax: Cocktail Snacks & Tapas followed by a  set/ TDH  menu with choices; More than 60 & up to 150 pax: Cocktail Snacks & Tapas followed by Live cooking stations.
  • PARKING: Available 
  • CREDIT CARDS: accepted.
  • TOTAL CAPACITY: (including bar & lounge) – 150 pax.


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