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Hice Cream


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Hice Cream is a Goan brand of alcohol-based artisanal ice creams perfect for a night in. Flavours with quirky names inspired by iconic songs and movies, these ice creams are aimed to pack the right punch. You can now have your drink and eat it too. Cheers!


Hice Cream is an artisanal ice cream brand offering unique alcohol-based concoctions in jars. Born out of the spirit surrounding weekend cocktails and your childhood love of ice creams, these intoxicating blends are created in unique flavours.

Each of these flavours are the founders' favourite cocktails interpreted into ice cream, using the same alcohol base as in the respective drinks. All ingredients are meticulously sourced, thereby using the freshest and finest organic produce, to maintain consistency. Every batch of Hice Cream is handmade and is available in limited quantity for the day.


Shiver Me Timbers

Indulge your inner pirate with this heady rum-and-raisin concoction, made from the legendary Old Monk rum and organic raisins.
Whiskey Rock-a-Roller
Rock with Bourbon, and roll with chocolate in this heady creation that stars Jack Daniels alongside organic cocoa.
Strawberry Swing
If strawberry margarita is your poison, this is your ice cream. It’s made from Jose Cuervo tequila, fresh strawberries and fresh lemon juice.
Tattoos and Tequila
A mango margarita in ice cream form, it features Jose Cuervo tequila with fresh mangoes and fresh lemon juice, and a bite of homegrown chillies.
Rum and Raybans
The spirit of the Caribbean dances in this mojito ice cream that brings together the fun of Bacardi white rum, the sassiness of fresh lime juice, and the brightness of organic mint oil and fresh mint
The Godfather
This Long Island Ice Tea inspired ice cream is an offer you definitely can’t refuse. Absolut vodka, Gordon’s gin, Jose Cuervo tequila and Baccardi white rum come together with cola and fresh lime juice.
Red Red Wine
A heady and indulgent mix of Myra Misfit unfiltered cabernet shiraz and fresh grapes.
The Dude Abides
The dude wouldn’t be seen dead without a White Russian in hand, but he’d like our ice cream version just as much. Made from Absolut vodka and homemade coffee liqueur.
Whiskey in the Jar
A deliciously rich and creamy concoction with Baileys Irish Cream and chocolate chips.
Whiskey ‘n’ Mama
The connoisseur’s ice cream, this stars Goa's iconic Paul John single malt with organic cocoa, accented by organic fresh roasted almonds.

Everybody loves chocolate, and there’s even more to love with this pure organic cocoa creation.

We take the freshest mangoes and turn that beloved summer favourite fruit into a rich, creamy ice cream.

The refreshing punch of fresh strawberries infuses this creation.
Vanilla Chocolate Chip
The clean freshness of organic vanilla pods meets the richness of chocolate chips.
Mint Chocolate Chip
The airy brightness of organic mint oil and fresh mint are set off with rich chocolate chips.


Hice Cream is the brainchild of Gopika Khanna and Ajay Uthaman, launched in Goa in the season of 2016.

Gopika, who has been in the travel industry for over two decades, brings experiences from travels around the world including her love for cocktails, into her creations for Hice Cream. She is an ardent animal lover and is regularly involved in the care of stray dogs and cats in Assagao and Anjuna.

Ajay heads an advertising agency called bOunce (named after one of his dogs) and is in the process of launching a lifestyle brand called " Andjob'. He is passionate about restoring and renovating vintage cars and jeeps. You are likely to find him off-roading on the Goan landscape during weekends.

In 2015, the couple moved to Goa, along with their son, and five pets for a better quality of life.


  • Artisanal icecreams
  • Unique alcohol based flavours
  • Fresh and organic ingredients
  • Home Delivery (Assagao)




V4, Expanse Hamlet
Assagao-Badem Road
Behind Ciao Bella Restaurant
Goa 403 507

Hice Cream is available only as takeaway at the above mentioned location, and for home delivery in and around Assagao. A minimum of 24 hours notice as all their ice creams are freshly made. However, they do start out the day creating a batch of some flavours, so you can always check to see if something is ready.


+91 8698022122

Gopika Khanna | Ajay Uthaman



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