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Tito's is a brand name in Goa known for its vast diversification into night clubs, tours and travels, financial services, resorts and a variety of other businesses. Established in 1971, Tito's is one of Goa's landmark venues. Set off the bustling Calangute beach, on a lane named after it (Tito's Lane), the property houses an elegant open-air restaurant (The Courtyard), a concert space and adjoining nightclubs. Across the lane, is the newer Café Mambo.


  • With direct access to Baga beach, Tito’s Courtyard restaurant is an alfresco restaurant that offers a multi-cuisine menu of continental, oriental and local dishes. The bar houses some of the best spirits, both Indian and international, with a wine cellar stocked with vintages from around the globe. Diners are welcome to enjoy a table on the deck where the cool sea breeze and crisp ocean air add to the relaxed ambiance of the Courtyard. Conveniently set in the heart of Goa's tourist area, guests can stop by for dinner before venturing to the nearby nightclubs or simply enjoy a cocktail and enjoy each other's company. 
  • Tito's Courtyard also plays host to a number of local and international bands and musicians.
  • New to Tito’s Courtyard is the Wicked Waffle, serving up freshly baked, mouth-watering Belgian waffles and French styles crepes accompanied with seasonal and tropical fruits and decadent Belgian chocolate.


  • For a taste of Japan, try the sushi bar! The Tito's sushi bar, by chef Jhon Chu, offers a variety of fresh fish prepared as nigiri (with rice), sashimi (without rice) and as an assortment of delectable hand-rolled maki, in keeping with traditional Japanese standards as well offering more popular modern variations.


Tito's nightclubs, The Club and Retro Bar, offer state of the art design and cater to both international and domestic tourists flocking to Goa. The entertainment is offered all year round. So much is the name Tito's synchronous in tourists’ minds visiting Goa, that it is often said "A trip to Goa without a visit to Tito's is incomplete".  Renowned celebrities and VIP's from across the industry, be it Sports, Show Biz, or Business Houses, frequent Club Tito throughout the year. You can access facilities of both the clubs once you enter the zone.
True to its name, the Retro Bar keeps things entertaining with a wide selection of classic rock, pop and hip-hop. A large lounge space gives guests a chance to relax and relive the retro age. Similar to The Club's top floor, The Retro Bar also includes a more private area where guests can enjoy a game of pool or score goals in foosball.
The Club, also known as Club Bollywood, caters to commercial and Bollywood music fans, with a huge dance floor to accommodate its large crowds. A designated area on the first floor offers private tables with a bar of its own. 


Café Mambo is a stone's throw away from the beach and has gained immense popularity in Goa's burgeoning nightlife. Cafe Mambo's tagline 'Where the world comes together?' is apt, as this is the place where locals, weekender visitors and international tourists all come together to enjoy a fun night out. Cafe Mambo's has also played host to many Indian celebrities.
The nightclub regularly host events and brings in a variety of Indian as well as international DJs. Every night of the week is themed to play a special genre of music — hip hop, house, tech, retro, etc. 
The nightclub is open from 8 p.m. (IST) onwards. In-house and renowned International DJs rock the house with all sorts of music. If your drink gives you gumption, try out the rodeo bull, and don't worry about falling flat ... it's all part of the Mambo game. Party code word… “Let’s MAMBO!”


As written by Tito's

The Management and Staff of Tito's salute their founder, Late Mr. Tito Henry De Souza, who way back in 1971 had a vision of emerging the high potential tourism industry. He started his efforts in this direction by setting up a place to cater to the needs of domestic and international tourists visiting Goa, offering a trendy chilled out place along the coast of Baga - Calangute in Goa, India.

Dinner was often served amidst the roaring sound of waves of the Arabian Sea and the light effects of traditional Balaó (a candle lit amidst hanging cardboard or paper lantern). Tito's has grown to today's size and still incorporates the same traditions and values set forth by the founder. The year was 1971.

It was the time of the hippies and the flower power generation. The hippies and other young people from Western Europe and the Americas were searching for Nirvana or Spiritual Salvation and Goa seemed to put them on the right track. The Goans also accepted these peaceful and gentle folk whole heartedly.  Life in Goa was simple then. No motorbikes, cars or restaurants. It was here and in this environment that Tito Henry de Souza, who had travelled extensively, decided to settle down and also provide a place for all the expats to meet up, discuss travel plans and have a decent meal. 

Today, Tito's is still the place where the world meets up. It is now run by Tito's two sons - Ricardo and David.  Tito's, still remains the place to gather info on the various things happening along the Goan coast.


  • One of Goa's most well-known brands
  • Tito's lane property houses a restaurant & clubs
  • Chic open air restaurant
  • Venue for concerts
  • Packed during the holiday season!!




Tito's Lane,
Saunta Vaddo,
Baga Calangute,
Bardez Goa. 403517



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