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God's Place


  • EAT / Vegetarian & Organic
  • EAT / Multi-Cuisine

God's Place is a cult eatery relaunched as a restaurant and tea bar in the season of 2015. Enroute Siolim, this hidden find makes for an ideal spot to watch the sunset and sip on healthy concoctions with spectacular views over Chapora Bay. Nestled between a hillock and the water edge, the elevated lounge restaurant has an interesting menu of fusion dishes and imported teas.


Set on the banks of Chapora, God's Place is a restaurant, lounge and tea bar. Located on the Chapora-Siolim road, this new eatery occupies a vast space including a dance floor and performance venue.

Reminiscent of a Himachali wooden house the restaurant and tea bar boasts a spectacular and breathtaking view across the Chapora estuary surrounded by nature. With simple decor using fabric, mats and bolsters, and mostly low seating areas, the venue dons a rustic look. Traditional Goan mud crockery add to the charm of the place.

Overlooking the bay, God's Place makes for an ideal chill-out sundowner spot with spectacular views of the hills and the bay dotted with local fisherfolk. During high tide, one has a sense of being perched on the deck of a ship. Guests can take to the water and rent kayaks for a nominal charge to explore the bay and fishing port; and also be served juice on board.

At night, God's Place transforms into a hypnotic atmosphere of soft light and tranquility, with the views of nocturnal seascape, a setting perfrct for a romantic dinner. It is also an active venue for group discussions, poetry, talks, chess and spontaneous acoustic live music.

The restaurant and tea bar can also host private party's and manage the catering aspect.


God's Place serves a delectable spread of home cooked, comfort food - a fusion of several cuisines. Some of the lesser known varieties of grains and rice, along with superfoods and healthfoods are highlights of the carefully designed menu. Health conscious diners further have a host of vegetarian and gluten-free meals to choose from also catering to specific dietary requirements.

The kitchen uses as much organic produce as possible, even down to organic grades of spices. In an ethical stance against the meat industry, they serve no red meat or chicken and only use local free range eggs on the menu from hens living a natural free life. High quality artisanal ingredients are sourced locally.

Specials include Korean sushi and an array of home-made organic cakes.

God's Place boasts a dedicated tea bar serving some of the highest quality concoctions including Japanese Matcha Tea, Indian First-Flush Oolongs, Taiwanese Milk Oolong, Chinese Pu-erh, and an array of real flower teas. The highlight here is Goa's first Yerba Mate bar (Yerba Mate is a socially consumed beverage from South America with incredible health benefits).

All beverages at the tea bar are served in traditional ceramic ware, a range of Mandala pottery from Auroville specially customised for God's Place.


'God's Place Restaurant and Tea Bar' began its life in Nov 2015, as 'Good Place Restaurant and Tea Bar'. In January 2016, the team moved from a smaller, rustic venue to the incredible spot they occupy today, beside a temple, which offers much greater potential. They renamed their restaurant God's Place in honour of the unique spot, but have retained exactly the same team, concept,  'green man' theme, and menu.

Kindly note: Good Place Tea Hut operates at the old venue, easily to be confused, but God's Place Restaurant and Tea Bar has no connections with that place anymore.


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  • Stunning views over Chapora Bay
  • An impressive Tea Bar menu
  • Vegetarian & vegan options
  • Fresh seafood
  • Artists' jam-up venue





Chapora-Siolim Road
Chapora, Bardez


+91 9922860545

Mantra Mugdh | Narendra Singh Arya
Managing partners


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