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Natti's Naturals


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Natti's Naturals is a health food shop and organic café which retails products in a wide range of collections including gluten-free groceries, beverages, snacks, cosmetics, fashion and wellness, including yoga clothes and accessories. Situated in Anjuna enroute the Saturday night market in Arpora, the venue is popular with the health conscious.


Natti's Naturals promotes a 'farm to shop' philosophy; providing an array of natural and organic products ranging from food to clothing and wellness. With a pioneering stance of collaborating with local farmers to exclusively retail health foods and also source products from organic certifiied companies across India, Natti's Naturals has established itself to cater to the spiritually aware and health conscious traveller.

Situated in a quiet stretch on the busy Anjuna-Calangute route, Natti's Naturals is set in a refurbished charming bungalow where the indoor health shop seamlessly flows into the outdoor café. Decked in pastels on white, the theme across the property is minimal chic, presenting a calm environment throughout the day.


Natti's Naturals retails an extensive range of natural and/or organic products at their health shop.

Fresh herbs including lavendar, sage; greens, salads, fruits and vegetables are sold here. A range of gluten free groceries, flours, rices, herbs and spices by Earthon; apple cider vinegar by Bragg's, Blue Tokai coffee, almond and soya milk by Silk don the shelves.

Cosmetics including lipsticks and kajals; essential oils, candles, shampoos and diffusers by Maroma, Soultree et al make up the list of wellness products. Superfoods have a dedicated section with spirulina, moringa, alfalfa, flaxseed oils, barley, wheatgrass amongst others. Seeds and shrubs, salad greens to organic vegetables and fruits (when in season) are available for purchase.

Natti's exclusively retails merchandise by BOHECO; products include Hemp protein, Hemp seeds, Hemp powder and Hemp oil amongst others.

Fashion lines include Tia and more. Wellness accessories by Natti's in-house collections retail accessories such as yoga bags and yoga wear.

With a growing range of products available, Natti's Naturals has carved itself a niche as a one-of-its-kind organic specialty store in the Goan market.


Natti's Naturals houses a resto-café adjoining the boutique area.

Assuring farm fresh ingredients, the café serves up healthy portions of natural and organic dishes through the day. All greens, vegetables and fruits used here, get a thorough rinse in filtered water, Himalayan salt and white wine vinegar. Every dish and juice is made from scratch, on order, to contain freshness of ingredients. A wholesome and unique selection of salads, burgers, gluten free desserts and fruit juices constitute their menu.

This season of 2016-2017, the cafe will serve a selection of smoothie bowls, tartines and more - buckwheat porridge berry layered smoothie, organic choco peanut banana and coconut tartine, chia seed pudding with blueberry and coconut, to name a few.  


Natasha Mac had her dream realised when she opened Natti's Naturals at the onset of the 2014 season in Goa.

A successful career in corporate training and life coaching, and three children later, she did away with her corporate life in Bangalore and moved to Goa, where her parents had been living earlier.

A naturopathy practitioner herself, being half-Austrian half-Punjabi, she had gained day-to-day exposure from her grandmother about the use of herbs and spices,a nd the use of food as medicine in curing any ailments. Basis this knowledge, she conceptualised Natti's Naturals as a holistic centre that is a hub for health and happiness!


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  • Organic foods shop
  • Health food café
  • Wellness boutique
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Yoga/meditation sessions
  • Organic fashion & accessories




1251, Pedro Bhat
St. John's Road, Gaunwadi
opp Bhumika Temple
Anjuna, Bardez
Goa 403 509


+91 85509 99422
+91 70382 46918

Natasha Mac


09:00 - 18:30
Closed on Wednesdays



Every morning, 09:15 onwards

Watch this space for regular yoga classes, meditation sessions and workshops on subjects spanning healthy living, organic farming and raw foods. Natti's Naturals is a hub for healers and therapists such as hypnotherapists, algologists, alternative doctors, naturopathy practitionersand homeopaths, to share their skills with the wellness community in Goa.

The Shala at Natti's Naturals is available on rent for classes and workshops, through the season.

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