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Nestled in the village jungle of Sangolda, Saraya is a quaint space by the side of peacock dancing paddy fields with tree houses and earth houses built around humungous trees. The space houses a vegetarian health café which sources most of its greens from their organic kitchen garden, going by the mantra “zero miles of carbon footprint”; with tree houses and mud house accommodation facilities; and an art gallery. It has been designed as a space where people can come together to create, share and experience art, food and living in rhythm with nature. The word Saraya means 'to begin, to flow' - reflects the infinite nature of creativity.


Saraya is a collaborative art space designed to bring people together and engage in creative pursuits of all kinds. Located in one of Goa's prime culturally enriched villages, the spacious natural setting facilitates a community that is in harmony with nature while making art.

A restored 300-year old Portuguese mansion forms the center of the one acre spread of the Saraya complex as an art gallery. A garden café graces the entrance while  tree and mud houses for accommodation dot the other end of the property. From the water feature that flows throughout the property, and eventually into a meditation pond, or large cotton drapes and accessories across trees, fluidity is a recurring theme which encourages free flow of thoughts at Saraya.

Yoga retreats, jam sessions, meditations and workshops in art and wellness are regular happenings here.


Fluid drapes and shades complement the open space of the café with bamboo and twig structures which accentuate the wood fired pizza oven.

The café occupies prime space ushering guests into Saraya. Located in a lush garden space, the café presents an environment to further their vision of reconnecting with nature and to stimulate creative energies in the premises.

The family run café serves a selection of hearty home-cooked vegetarian meals induced with international flavours. In promoting the journey of food from farm to table, Saraya sources fresh ingredients from their own backyard organic garden.


Saraya currently offers three different categories of rooms - a ten bed tree house dormitory, three tree houses and four mud houses built around trees. A total of twenty five guests can be accommodated on the property on full occupancy.

Saraya takes pride in the use of local materials onsite in the entire construction, keeping the existing environment intact. Rooms were designed to incorporate as much of the flora into indoor spaces. Results of an improvised architectural process are significant. Traditional buidling methods and sustainable practices were employed. Natural sculptures in wood, wicker and fabrics make up the rustic decor of these rooms.

These are elevated accommodation spaces atop trees, built with bamboo and woven tree bark. Staircases and private balconies made in bamboo adorn the tree houses.

Workforce from around the country built staff rooms on location using dug up mud and clay, which later evolved into what are now the Earth Houses. Built around palm trees, these mud houses offer most modern amenities.


The main building of the Saraya complex houses an art gallery decked in bright pop colours. The gallery walls showcase works from different schools of artists across the world.

Open to both emerging and established artists, the art space sees a gathering of painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, theater groups and the like. Designed to inspire, the gallery hosts regular workshops and sessions across different art genres to explore the artist within.

Saraya offers an array of residency programs for artists, writers, weavers, theatre groups, sculptors, photographers and other creative fields, throughout the year. Write in with your project schedule and artist statement to apply.


Saraya is conceptualised by Deeksha Thind, an architect by profession, who brings together her interests of creating and cooking in to one inspiring platform. Deeksha took on the task of creating a holistic space where guests reconnect with nature and involve in unchartered creative endeavours.

A dream for close to three decades, this project came into being when she realised the plight of her own derelict property in the heart of Sangolda; and decided to create a lively natural setting for seamless flow of creativity.

Deeksha is supported in Saraya's operations by her children - Sashya also an architect, Titli as the creative advisor, Zora who manages the farm & pizza café and Siddharth the music man; and a dedicated team of volunteers who together contribute to the evergrowing space!


  • Eco friendly accommodation
  • Art meets nature philosophy
  • Vegetarian garden café
  • Artists' residencies
  • Art gallery
  • Volunteering programs




64, Chogm Road
Sangolda, Bardez
Goa 403 511


+91 88889 26811

Deeksha Thind



12:00 - 15:00
19:00 - 22:00
Art Gallery
09:00 - 23:00


- Café
- Ensuite bath, hot shower
- Complimentary breakfast
- Free WiFi
- Double Bed Suites/ Single Dorm Bed
- Community Spaces
- Lock boxes
- Complimentary souvenirs
- Meditation Pond
- Workshops/Art Centre


Treat yourselves to a selection of vegetarian and vegan short eats at the adjoining cafe.

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