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Gaïa Home Chef


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Gaia Home Chef, comprising husband and wife team, Shilarna Vazeand  Christophe Perrin, will now come to Goa, offering a series of pop up restaurants and high end catering services. Both chefs have had a long history with European cooking. Shilarna is a (celebrity) chef from Mumbai, with a prestigious diploma from Le Cordon Blue, while Christophe Perrin is the son of a seasoned chef. Gaia was originally run as a restaurant by the pair for a season in Ashwem in 2010-11.


  • Gaia Home Chef is a gourmet catering service run by Indo- Swiss couple Shilarna Vaze & Christophe Perrin out of Mumbai city. In the past three years, they have catered fo weddings, shoots, baby showers, sit down 5 course meals ranging from 10 to 150 people and a whole bunch of innovative cooking. 
  • They offer mutliple cusine options, currently, Japanese, South East Asian, Maharashtrian, French, Italian, Mexican & American style BBQ. At the heart of their cuisine, is their motto "we cook only our favourite food" so it ranges from sushi & sashimi made with the best Maguru Tuna & Salmon they can get our hands on, to freshly made pasta made, and Shilarna's inherited legacy from her grand mum- her prawn khichidi.
  • They cover every aspect of the service, including table service, crockery rental and are comfortable to commandeer a private kitchen or any event space to offer a hassle free, relaxed evening with good food & good vibes.
  • Please contact them directly for their master menu and sample menus that they have previously done.


Shilarna Vaze ('Chinu')
With a degree in Political Science and stints as a columnist for Mumbai Times, television production, acting and a lucrative modeling career, Shilarna Vaze (Chinu) eventually decided to return to her real love, the culinary arts.
Following internships at popular restaurants in Mumbai (Indigo &  Rain), Shilarna decided to move to Paris, the gastronomic capital of the world, and enroll in the prestigious Diplome de Cuisine course at Le Cordon Bleu.
Shilarna then returned to India and settled in Goa, working for some of its finest kitchens as A Reverie and Sublime. While waiting to open a restaurant of her own, Shilarna started a successful sushi delivery service in Mumbai, Ninja Sushi, that further boosted her reputation as one of India's most adored chefs. 

Shilarna has hosted her own cooking show, " Firangi Tadka" aired on FoodFood, Sanjeev Kapoor's new food  channel, has written an article ("Green Fingers") on organic production for Vogue, has been featured twice in Vogue (check out cute her bikini pic!) and writes a blog on organic cooking.

Christophe Perrin, the Horticulturist
Born and raised in Switzerland, Christophe first came to India in 1998 and found himself been returning regularly since. The son of a chef, food has been a great passion and an integral part of his life since childhood. It was no surprise that once he met Shilarna, food would become an important facet of their lives together. The decision to open a "love" project was a natural one, and Gaia is a fruition of that labor of love. Christophe is a horticulturist and plans to grow his own veggies and herbs for the restaurant shortly.


Shilarna has made appearances for a number of television shows, hosting her own cooking show "Firangi Tadka" on FoodFood, a cooking channel developed by Sanjeev Kapoor and has even had a lucrative stint on the children's Pogo channel. She has written an editorial for Vogue Living entitled " Green Fingers" (How does the eco- warrior survive in India...happy dispatches from 5 green destinations) and regularly blogs on organic living.

Sharlana has additionally appeared in Vogue...twice!





  • We reached out to Shilarna to talk about herselve and her passion by answering 6 simple questions. 
  • 1. What is your guilty food pleasure when no one's around?
  • Magnum almond icecream bars
  • 2. What is your favourite family recipe or a meal you like you to enjoy at home? (please name the dish)
  • My grand-mom's famous Prawn Khichidi that we also had on our menu at Gaia in Goa
  • 3. Who is the person (alive or dead) that you would like to prepare a meal for and what would you cook?
  • I would like to cook for my husband Christophe's dad who was a chef and died before I could meet him. I would make a Steak in a beautiful Morel sauce as it's his recipe we use today.
  • 4. What are you top 5 ingredients currently enjoy working with. Are any of them new discoveries?
  • Lemongrass
  • Coconut
  • Red snapper
  • Butter
  • Quinoa
  • Agar agar
  • 6. Which is your favourite place to eat in Goa other than your own restaurant?
  • We don't have a restaurant in Goa anymore, we have expanded our catering service from Bombay to Goa & are currently doing weddings & pop-ups. I love Sakana, Sublime, Bomras & Ciao Bella
  • 7. What new venture are you working on now or have on the horizon?
  • Expanding our catering and getting our fingers back in the sand in Goa is super-exciting, we love to cook in Goa and there is no one providing an upscale, gourmet catering service to all the weddings & fancy homes here


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  • High-end catering for private events & weddings
  • Pop-up restaurants planned for Goa
  • Exquisite food created with finest produce
  • Eclectic global menu (something for everyone)!
  • Family recipes made with soul!






This season Gaia has planned a series of exclusive and exciting pop-ups in fabulous spaces across Goa, including a festive dinner at Paros by Amarya, Morjim.

Stay tuned to this space for more details!


 Gaia has expanded their catering service from Bombay to Goa, to provide upscale, gourmet catering service to all the weddings and private homes.

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