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Thaal is a quaint specialty restaurant nestled on the banks of Mandovi river, a short walk away from the Reis Magos fort. Enjoy sumptuous Bohra cuisine in a serene and fragrant setting complemented by the cool breeze!


Thaal is a charming eatery set away from the hustle and bustle of Goa's tourist hubs, and yet in close proximity to all the action. Boasting a quiet location on the northern bank of Mandovi river, its soothing waves lap up the shores nearby. At night, watch numerous boats that ply on the river, and gaze at the twinkling lights of Panjim city in the distance.

Admire the eclectic and plush interiors of Thaal, decorated by Isabel Hernandez Lelli. The outdoor garden area dotted with cane furniture houses the bar. Indoors, intricate carpets cover the floors, bright cushions and throws are scattered around, while Arabian artefacts adorn the Moroccan blue walls. On one of the sides, notice a thaal hung as a centrepiece, which the host family has passed down generations!


At Thaal, embark on an exciting gastronomical journey into Bohra cuisine and its modern interpretations. 'Thaal' means a huge thali (an extra large plate). Reflecting its dining culture, all guests at Thaal sit cross-legged on comfortable carpets, and dine communally as family. Usually served seven courses, get a unique insight into traditional Bohra dishes. Stimulate your tastebuds with a few grains of salt, at first.

seven course thaal is served between Tuesday and Saturday, with the main course changing every day. An eight course thaal is served on Sunday, featuring specials every week.

A typical meal begins with delicious desserts, moving on to the day's salad,  a couple of starters, a mid-meal dessert, the main course, and finishing off again, with another dessert. Finally, chew on Paan (stuffed betel leaves) and appreciate the wonderful riot of flavours in your mouth!

Dine from a delicious selection depending on the day of the week and ingredients of the season. Expect to taste the following: The creamy Kalamra made of curd, rice, almonds, raisins, and garnished with pomegranate and rose petals. Kokum ke Aloo (potatoes tossed with Kashmiri chilly, coriander, kokum). Chana Batata (boiled chickpeas tossed with tomatoes, potatoes, coriander with a sour dressing). Malido, a rich sweet dish of jaggery, ghee, sooji and dry fruits arrives shortly. The easonal Aamras (mango puree) or Jamun ice cream. Daal Ghosh and Lagan ki Seekh.

Cherish the traditional Kichra, a slow-cooked, minced dish of rice, lentils, mutton and spices, on Saturdays. Bite into the slow-cooked Red Chicken on Sundays. 

An array of a la carte options are also avilable to choose from. Kheema Samosas, Bohra Cutlet, Dum Biryani, and vegetarian dishes such as Jaali Roti Roll, Gulab Jamun ki Sabji, and Lachha Paranthas populate the interesting menu. The showstopper, Raan - a tender whole roast leg of mutton, with its meat falling off the bone, creates a stir whenever served on the table. Guests can customise their thaal with any of these dishes from the elaborate offerings.

Every Thursday, live music performances in the background will keep you entertained and waft you to another time and space!


Thaal opened its doors in June 2018, bringing a breath of fresh air to the restaurant scene in Goa. It's creator, Rumana Roowala quit her 15-year-old career in corporate training to open the state's only Bohri food expereince!

Chef Rumana's philosophy for Thaal comes from - “If only someone could demonstrate that my thoughts, create my reality, then I would be careful about what I think. If someone could show that thoughts affect matter...”

She explains, “We at THAAL consciously think, speak & write words of love, encouragement & gratitude. We unfailingly do it when we cook, serve, clean & interact with our guests knowing that this is what will bring out the best in the food we serve – we bond over food”


  • Traditional Bohra cuisine
  • Serene waterfront location
  • Multicourse pre-fixe meals
  • Tasteful Arabian decor
  • Available for private gatherings




K15, Kegdevelim
Near Reis Magos Fort
Verem, Bardez
Goa 403 109



Rumana Roowala
Chef & owner


12:00 - 15:30 & 19:00 - 23:00
Tuesday - Sunday
Closed on Mondays


Bohra cuisine is widely spread across the globe, from the Middle East and Northern Africa to the Indian subcontinent and all the way to the western world. Having its roots deeply embedded in Yemen, it is no wonder that Bohra food has many Arabic and Middle Eastern influences.

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