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The magnificence of live jazz and rock, as moving as the natural and unstoppable Indian Ocean itself, will be presented at the “Great Live Music” Festival by many famous musicians from Russia, India and Europe. Already confirmed headliners include Gleb Samoilov’s outfit “The Matrixx” (another veteran of the alternative rock scene in Russia), “Masha I Medvedi” (yet another Russian pop-rock outfit fronted by a lady), and the legendary Prem Joshua, for whom India has become the second Motherland, with his famous band


Live music, communication, ever blue ocean and red-hot sun that turn the dark thoughts away from the heart. The Festival organizers have a range of tasks set, but the most important one is to broaden people’s view of Goa as the “island” of trance, where, away from the rest of the world, there exists a small piece of land where people do not want to do anything but remain in altered states of mind to the synthetic sounds of Goa-trance. The roots of Goa in the world music understanding, however, are in rock and ethnic music, cultivated by the hippies arriving to this small corner of the big India in the 60-s. Moreover, among the first seeking inspiration here were The Beatles who managed to influence Goa-sound at the source.



Prem Joshua
Multi-instrumentalist and composer, Prem Joshua – pioneer extraordinaire in the field of World Fusion Music – creates and explores forever new synthesis in sound, transporting the listener as he does beyond the borders of both East and West.
Drawing inspiration from the deep well of the ancient music traditions of the Indian sub-continent, while remaining constantly in touch with the pulse of contemporary Western music scene, over the years Joshua has continued to refine his awesome talent for fusion, creating a sound both distinctive and unique. His music appeals so deeply because despite its contemporary feel, it still succeeds in keeping alive the wild ‘let-go’ and meditative silence of its cultural roots. This musical masala of Indian classical, jazz, funk, ethno and trance music is so masterly, yet playfully blended, that it has indeed a completely global appeal. website>>

Monolisa - an equal rights artists group
After their debut album release in 2009 St Petersburg’s “MonoLisa” got some good reviews and attention. The result was a growing number of fans, both in Russia and abroad. In a short time of its creative existence the band has come a long way: numerous gigs in Moscow and St Petersburg, regular concert visits to other cities and towns of Russia and neighbouring countries. They have been called a “Discovery of the Year” by many music magazines and played some big festivals.

Gleb Samoiloff & THE MATRIXX
Russian rock band, organized by one of the leaders of the legendary group «Agatha Christie» Gleb Samoilov. A group of «The Matrix» can really be classified as a super group. «The Matrix» won the prestigious award for «Best Alternative Group in Russia» in 2011.soundcloud>>

Masha i Medvedi
The band was founded Masha Makarova in 1997 in Krasnodar. Since 1999, the group actively gave concerts throughout Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. Group with a warm welcome all the biggest festivals and a huge army of fans. myspace>>


  • 7 Rasa is a well popular Russian rock/ metal band. Listen>>
  • Andrei Kondakov (piano) is one of the Russia’s most well known Jazz pianist who has worked in collobaoration with several of his country’s and international great jazz musicians, including Andrey Ryabov (jazz guitar), American Eddie Gomez and drummer Lenny White and sax virtuoso Igor Butman. http://www.myspace.com>>
  • Ankur & Sid: Ankur Tewari and Sidd Coutto perform together under the moniker. Tewari, known best for their original songs and impromptu melodies and jams during their sets. nh7>>
  • Arvind Haldipur- plays the Mandoline and Guitar, and is a member of Cine Musicians Association (CMA), contributing over 40 long years to the music industry in collaboration with several of Bollywood’s leading music directors. Arvind is also well- known for his spiritual music. artistaloud>>
  • Barto: is a popular Russian electro band from St. Petersburg. myspace>>
  • Colin D'Cruz: started his musical career as a bassplayer with resident bands at some of the finest hotels in India. Over his ten year career, Colin has collaboraed with many ensembles and artists, on many genres of musicians all over the world,  but finds himself most at home with jazz.jazz goa>>
  •  Goatika: Born several years ago  in Goa, Goatika Creative Lab has united gifted musicians from around the world, inspiring creativity through intuitive, innovative, and improvisational performances and sharing “playful positiveness “in their collaborations. website>>
  • "Jan" Graveson: International Star of Television, London's west end stage and Broadway Tony nominated actress, graces Great Live Music's stages with her phenomonal voice. Just finished her lead role in "Blood Brothers" in Londons west end, she is in goa to work with musicians and perform so keep your eyes open for something SPECIAL! Great Live Music Website>>
  • King Jassim (Low Rhyderz) is a Bangalore ( India ) based Ragga Artist/ Song Writer/ MC who is commited to the upliftment of Hip Hop and Reggae music, and played to India's 1st Radio hip hop show on Radio for over two and a half years. myspace>>
  • The Orange: Vasily Dvortsov, name of musican, born in Russia. Since 2006 he has produced his own very successful music in world-EDM scene. "The Orange" has great support from worldwibe dj's such as Tiesto, Markus Schulz etc. He is owner and author of an exclusive radio show called "Orangereya" for the past 5 years and author of two official albums and 2 relax compilations. Beatport>> / Website>>
  • Zorge: True eclecticism drives this band’s music as they mix different styles, representing a well-balanced coexistence of various musical cultures “here and now.” Rough rhythmic structures, intricate jazz harmonies and the evident influence of modern and classical academic music call for the use of the tag “art,” while the post-punk past of the band members is in no way forgotten. website>>


1st February
Marbela Beach (Morjim) | Jazz'n'Goa, 18:00, 1000 rs/per head 

- Brown Indian Band (Goa, India) with Colin D'Cruz , indian fusion 
- Andrey Kondakov & Band (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), mainstream jazz 
- Maksim Nekrasov & the Acid Jazz Band, (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), acid jazz 
- Jan Graveson & Band (UK), rock fusion 
- Jam Session. Special guests: Toporkestra Band (Ukraine), Praveen Bhati, Ankur & Sidd, MonoLiza, MakSok.

2nd February 
Night Market (Arpora) | Promo Gig, free 

- 21:30 Phil Me & the Acid Jazz Band (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), acid jazz 
- 22:00 MONOЛИЗА (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), rock 
- 22:30 7 Раса (Russia), rock

3rd February 
Curlies (Anjuna) | Rock4Goa, 16:00, 1200 per/head 

- Barto (Russia), electro-punk 
- Arvind Haldipur&Band (India), blues-rock 
- MonoLiza (Russia), rock 
- Ankur & Sidd (India), rock 
- Janarta (rock-fusion), UK, Goa 
- Masha I Medvedi (Russia), rock 
- Gleb Samoiloff & The Matrixx (Russia), electro-rock 
- Prem Joshua (India), fusion 
- Goatika (Russia, Goa), fusion trance 
- DJ Ed Cosmonaut (Russia), mix 

4th February
Teso (Siolim) | Acid Jazz Night, 18:00, 300 per/head 

- King Jassim (India), reggae 
- Plil Me & Acid Jazz Band (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), acid jazz 
- MakSok (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), disco 
- The Orange (Russia), DJ & Video Set

5th February 
Calangute Tower (Calangute) | Grand Jam Session, 18:00, 300 per/head 

- 18:00 - 22:00, All the participant of the festival

9th February  (Rescheduled from 6th Feb.)
Zeebop (Utorda) | Indian Fusion, 18:00, 300 per/head 

- Parveen Bhati & Band (India), indian fusion 
- Emam & friends (Poland, Iran, India), indian fusion 
- Jam Session


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  • 6 Day Live Music Festival
  • Featuring Russian & Indian Artists
  • Showcasing Jazz & Rock
  • After parties with Trance
  • Venues across North Goa!


  • The WUG CONTEST: Great Live Musiic Festival 2013 Jazz & Rock Festival
  • Win 2 PASSES to the Great Live Music Festival 2013 (Feb 1st- 6th) by selecting the correct answer for the question below:

  • The Great Live Music Festival is dedicated to showcasing which genres of music in Goa:
  1. Classical and Opera
  2. Jazz & Rock
  3. Hip Hop and R'n'B
  4. Bollywood & Konkani Folk


  • Please include your Name, Telephone number and Email!
  • The results of the contest will be announced on Facebook and WhatsUpGoa.com on the evening of Wednesday, January 30th. The winner will be picked out of a hat of correct entries.
  • Good luck!


Hotline: +91 963 710 77 14

1st February
Google map to Marbela Beach (Morjim) | Jazz'n'Goa, 18:00, 1000 rs/per head 
2nd February 
Google map to Saturday Night Market (Arpora) | Promo Gig, free 
3rd February 
Google map to Curlies (Anjuna) | Rock4Goa, 16:00, 1200 per/head 

4th February
Google map to Teso (Siolim) | Acid Jazz Night, 18:00, 300 per/head
5th February 
Google map to Calangute Tower (Calangute) | Grand Jam Session, 18:00, 300 per/head 
9th February 
Google map to Zeebop (Utorda) | Indian Fusion, 18:00, 300 per/head 




  • Pre-sale — 1,500 rupees (30 USD), ends on January 30
  • VIP tickets — 5,000 Rs

PRICES: TICKETS FOR SINGLE CONCERTS (available at the box office before)

  • February 1, Marbela Beach — 800 Rs
  • February 2, Night Market — Free
  • February 3, Curlies — 1200 Rs
  • February 4, Teso — Rs 300
  • February 5, Calangute Tower — Rs 300
  • February 9, Zeebop — Rs 300


TIckets Available In Goa:
1. Montego bay - Morjim 
2. Bora bora - Morjim 
3. Cantare - Saligao 
4. Souza lobo - Calangute 
5. Britto’s - Baga 
6. Thalasa - Anjuna 
7. Hill top - Anjuna 
8. Sweet chilli - Sequirem 
9. Cavala - Baga 1
10. Banana republic - Baga 
11. Bean me up - Anjuna 
12. Eatopia - Baga
13. Titos - Baga 
14. Newtons - Candolim 
15. Planet goa - Calangute 
16. Caroms Beach Way - Candolim 
17. Cuba – Palolem Patnem 
18. Down the Road - Panjim 
19. Coros - Panjim 
20. Fantasia - Panjim 
21. Sea pebbles - Panjim 
22. Jazz corner - Calangute 
23. L’orange - Candolim
24. Chocolate - Candolim 
25. Dorogar bar - Vagator
26. Cafe Delish - Anjuna
27. Rose garden - Anjuna

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