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Ashwem Beach

  • EAT / Vegetarian & Organic
  • SLEEP / Eco Resort or Yoga Retreat
  • PARTY / Festivals & Events
  • WELLBEING / Aqua & Adventure

Overlooking the sweeping Ashwem beach, Vaayu is a diverse collective of talented individuals including artists, surfers, and environmentalists working together to share their passion and to provide guests with unique experiences that embody the ethos of positive, holistic living. Vaayu offers an Adventure Centre, with water sports like surfing, kite surfing, stand up paddle-boarding, kayaking, wake boarding, and SUP Yoga; Prana Cafe -  an organic California-fusion restaurant; accommodation, an open-air gallery that hosts movie nights, art exhibitions, workshops and live DJs sets, as well as Prakti Tribe, the environmental wing that organises beach clean-ups and awareness drives.


Nestled in a crook of Ashwem-Mandrem beach road, Vaayu Village offers a delightful eco-stay that hopes to engage with humanitarians, environmentalists, sports enthusiasts, artists, as much as health nuts looking for a genuinely fun and exhilarating experience.

Vaayu functions as a ‘village’ or a community of people driven by common passions like sustainable living, conscious capitalism, visionary art, animal rights, and a healthy, conscious lifestyle.


Vaayu has a range of accommodation to suit different budgets and requirements.

Rooms include A/C and non A/C cottages with balcony terraces and luxurious Tamil Nadu style huts.  All rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms and are double-occupancy with queen-sized mattresses. Additional mattresses can be added upon request.

Vaayu offers its guests free Wi-Fi, solar heated water, safe lockers, yoga mats, fresh and light meals at their restaurant, use of the art gallery and tea lounge as well as lessons, equipment rental and excursions.

Vaayu is a child friendly environment and welcomes pets as accompanying guests.

Expect to pay Rs. 4,500 for air conditioned rooms during peak season and Rs. 3,000 as the season peters off.


Launched in December 2014, using traditional Tamil Nadu style wood and woven-thatch construction, Prana Cafe fuels Vaayu’s healthy, conscious, and active lifestyle. 

This California inspired fusion food restaurant, is tastefully decorated with typically “Vaayuvian” crystals and art, and has four tables offering views of the ocean. 

Open fo rbreakfast, lunch and dinner, Prana offers light meals; with numerous delectable vegan and vegetarian options made from locally sourced organic produce where available. The menu includes a wholesome 5-Bean lentil burger, Mediterranean couscous salad with fresh herbs and humus, Japanese glass noodle salad with tofu, Vietnamese summer rolls, Californian breakfast burritos, and lemon ricotta pancakes with homemade strawberry preserve amongst other tantalizing options. 

Guests can enjoy cocktails, a range of some of the finest Indian wine, freshly ground and brewed coffee or fresh fruit juices in the upstairs gallery lounge, whilst enjoying the setting sun, bidding the day farewell.  


Opened in December 2013, the Art Gallery at Vaayu hosts various events from movie screenings to a variety of workshops initiated by the Vision Collective, a group of international art practitioners who live and create at Vaayu as part of their artist residency program. 

The space functions as an outdoor lounge, an art gallery, an interactive performance space or a space to sit back and enjoy the sunset, whilst the ever arriving stream of musicians, Dj’s, dancers and artists transform the area at every turn. 

Throw pillows and soft padded seating accompany the low lying tables whilst walls are dressed with art and visuals. With a capacity of three hundred, a beachfront view perfect for the sunset, a gentle ambiance created by the free minded socially aware inhabitants, the space leaves dwellers relaxed, comfortable and invigorated.  


Vaayu offers a range of water sports including Surfing, Kite surfing, Stand Up Paddle boarding, Kayaking, Wake boarding and SUP Yoga. Equipment rental and lessons are available to guests, as well as the general public. Lessons should be booked at least one day in advance and are charged per hour.  

Vaayu’s Adventure Centre has a range of equipment from the many companies’ merchandise they carry. Their quiver of kites for lessons and rentals come in every size and design offered by Liquid force.  Their surfboard collection includes NSP, Bic, and Temple, and California Board Company, the latter company mainly being used for their lessons. Lake Tahoe based brand Boga makes their range of Stand Up paddle-boards giving the curious client a number of styles to choose from. The Feel Free Kayaks they carry are perfect for back river exploration or ocean expeditions. All of the Equipment can also be purchased in Vaayu’s surf shop. 

As authorized distributors of various water sport brands, like Liquid force, Boga, California Board Company, Sticky Bumps, Dakine, Feel Free Kayak, among others. Vaayu uses new equipment every year, assuring safety and cutting edge performance, making their used equipment available to the emerging Indian water sports following at affordable rates.

The annual change of instructors keeps Vaayu fresh. The instructors are all internationally accredited, holding years of experience and a variety of certifications from international bodies including BKSA (British Kite surfing Association), IKO (International Kite boarding Organization), WPA (World Paddle-boarding Association), and ISA (International Surfing Association).  


Rahul Malaney and Jill Ferguson are a duo that aims to fulfill their ideals and passion through their ventures. After having met in the United States whilst studying at University, they realized that they had several common passions - a love for art, conscious holistic living, a deep sensitivity for the environment and a burning desire to protect it. 

The Vision Collective Artist Residency Program was the love child born out of these common passions. Besides hosting a range of art and culture-based events, the program seeks to bring artists together and give them a conducive environment to be creative, in the firm belief that art changes the individual, and the individual can change the world.

Vaayu took form as a natural progression organically formed in order to sustain the dream. The restaurant, the activities, the accommodation, surf shop and lessons all grew out of necessity and all embody the Vaayu ethos. The owners note, “We brought together everything that we are passionate about in life and we called it Vaayu.” 

Vaayu has its roots embedded in its ideals. The branches have inevitably grown with the same spirit. It is a culmination of a set of focused ambitions and positive dreams hoping to expand and share it’s philosophies with India, impacting with positive change.  



- Social awareness and conscious living
- Excellent quality dining and lodging
- Proximity to the beach
- Accredited Watersports instructors
- Superior equipment
- "Vision Collective" Art Gallery
- Artistic events




Opposite Holy Cross Chapel
Next to Skybar
On Ashwem - Mandrem beach road  



+91 98500 50403

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