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Guru Bar


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Located on the narrow lane along the northern stretch of Anjuna beach, this cozy shack is an inviting eatery with an enjoyable spread across cuisines. A family run establishment since the days of hippie tourists in Anjuna during the late 50’s, Guru Bar is as famous for its short eats and daily specials as for amazing sunset views. The premise also includes a guesthouse and a nightclub for non-trance music. OPEN ALL YEAR!


Set on an elevation on the Anjuna cliff strip overlooking the expanse of Arabian sea, Guru Bar strikes a chord with someone looking for choices of multiple cuisine, a friendly atmosphere and concoctions to match, all under one place.

On the opposite side of the narrow lane, one would hardly miss the entrance to Club Guru Bar which is a one-of-its-kind club in its surrounding. There are graffitti and lasers for company.

Behind the club is an Indo-Portuguese styled guesthouse which provides comfortable accommodation.


The restaurant area can seat 150 guests on maximum occupancy. The décor resembles a typical beach shack with cane and bamboo accents and thatched roof. Rustic looking wall art blends into the interiors. Service is very friendly; notice the smiles on ones sporting ‘Guru’ t-shirts.

Being one of the very few pet friendly restaurants in the surrounding and the beach just a stone’s throw away, you may well have your pets soak in the ambience too. Beach activities like angling and canoeing; and boat trips can be arranged on request.


With popular dishes since its inception, such as vegetable cheese toast and more recently Kingfish chip and salad, the menu carries dishes across Indian, Goan, Italian, Continental, Oriental, Russian and a hint of Mediterranean cuisines. Chicken Masala, Cheese Tomato Pasta, Prawn Curry Rice and Pizzas are a close second in line. Seafood being the highlight, there is a list of daily specials which can be served. The bar has a respectable collection of beverages - Indian-made foreign liquor and domestic wines. Fresh fruit juices and fruit based lassis are favoured from the non-alcoholic section.


A dedicated area of the restaurant stages live music, performances, movies and sports screenings for the audience after sundown. Guru Bar welcomes any form of artist to showcase talent on open nights.  One can try games of backgammon, chess or cards with the faint sound of waves in the background.


Since season 2012, Guru Bar has been hosting live music evenings regularly with artists both Goan and foreign alike. With plans to bring in renowned artists soon, live music performances here are said to increase. Theirs is a good stage for upcoming talent as well.


The most recent addition to the premises is Club Guru Bar, whose opening coincided with the start of the season in 2013. It happens to be the only discotheque in North Anjuna and one that entertains lovers of commercial bollywood mixes, electro, hip-hop and house genres. 

Bright colours and graffiti are very noticeable. The dark interior lends well to the play of lasers and strobes. With a 1500 square feet dance floor at two elevations, about 150 couples can let their hair down until the wee hours of the morning.

Flaming shots and Goan Mojitos are specialties here. Guest DJ’s play here on several occasions and a few weekends.


Operating since the late 60’s as thatched huts, it has now evolved into a cozy guesthouse. The façade with an Indo-Portuguese look adds quite a charm to the room exterior.

Accommodation is basic and comfortable, offered in six single bedded and nine double bedded rooms; two among which are air conditioned. Most essential amenities are provided including room service, wifi, hot and cold showers; the double bed rooms have a kitchenette and a refrigerator. Some of the rooms have a patio and their own private entrance.


With humble beginnings as a chai stall and later Guru canteen, this family run establishment currently operates a restaurant, a nightclub and a guesthouse. The owner, Sadguru Purushottham Naik, a former lifeguard at the beaches of Vagator, Anjuna and Baga envisioned this in the early 60’s when Anjuna was beginning to develop as a jaunt for hippies. Coming from a family of farmers, agriculture was the natural way to go. Instead, he saw a lucrative option in this business catering to tourists, especially the inflow of foreigners. He was famously known as ‘Guru’, hence the namesake establishments.

Being one of the very few eating joints, tourists who enjoyed the then clean beaches, brought their own instruments, played live music and revelled all night. He offered them mattresses so they could get some rest. He would sell beans bhaji and close to three hundred of vegetable cheese toast everyday; the latter of which is still served here.

Having a grandfather among the Portuguese police, he has helped a few neighbourhood businesses to start. He bought over the land and the house where he was a tenant and has built this business on his own accord slowly expanding the area up to the beach. In the monsoon of 1967 the canteen came to shape and has since grown to be very well known in Anjuna as Guru Bar. His sons, Swapnil Naik and Satyavan Naik manage different aspects of these businesses.


  • A quaint beach shack
  • Sunset views
  • Daily specials
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Non-trance music in Anjuna
  • Operates all year




Guru Bar
St. Anthony Prais Waddo
North Anjuna, Anjuna
Goa 403 509



Swapnil Naik

Swapnil Naik +91 99609 56691
Satyavan Naik +91 98233 83257
Guest list helpline +91 88055 27414
Restaurant and Guesthouse +91 832 2273319



Guru Bar & Restaurant
- 150 seater multi-cuisine restaurant
- Cliffside, beach facing

- Twin level dancefloor
- Accommodates 150 couples

- 6 single bed rooms
- 9 double bed rooms
- En-suite bathrooms, hot & cold showers, free Wif-Fi, coffee/tea maker
- AC and mini fridge in double rooms

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